GSHA 2011 Annual Conference: Call for Papers

“Nostalgia and Amnesia: Avenues of Remembering and Forgetting.”


The Graduate Student History Association of Claremont Graduate University is pleased to announce its third annual spring conference: “Nostalgia and Amnesia: Avenues of Remembering and Forgetting.”

This conference will focus on “Nostalgia and Amnesia” as guiding themes for understanding how the past has been idealized, commodified, re-presented, and consumed, while often simultaneously being forgotten, sanitized or anesthetized. Nostalgia and amnesia are often inseparable and also mutually reinforcing phenomena, yet both concepts offer a distinct prism through which to explore the past.  Whether in film, television, literature, non-fiction, comics, commercials, art, photography, museums, monuments, architecture, sculptures, or the internet there has never been a time period with more technology to preserve the archive of the past, and representing the past has never been more popular or wide-ranging. These various media and modalities influence all levels of society—political, social, and cultural.  By exploring these phenomena,  this conference hopes to record and analyze the multiform ways we forget, represent and code the past.

Papers topics need not be explicitly about nostalgia or amnesia. Papers from a range of disciplines are welcomed and encouraged in an effort to explore the ideas of nostalgia, amnesia, and memory in general from multiple viewpoints.

The conference will be held on the Claremont Graduate University campus on March 25th and 26th. Paper abstracts of 250 words or less must be submitted by email to by January 1st, 2011.

PDF version of CFP

For more information or questions, please contact the GSHA via email,

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