Robert Zappulla, Department Chair; Fred W. Smith and Grace Hobson Smith Chair in Music

B.A., State University of New York, Stony Brook; M.A., M.M., Rutgers University; A.M., Duke University; Ph.D., Utrecht University

Professor Robert Zappulla Professor Zappulla is known primarily as a harpsichordist and scholar specializing in the field of historical performance practices. His translation with commentary of Vincenzo Manfredini's Regole armoniche, a monumental eighteenth-century treatise dealing primarily with Italian continuo practices, was published in 2013. His book, Figured Bass Accompaniment in France, is a comprehensive study of French accompaniment treatises produced during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, about which scholar David Ledbetter wrote (Early Music XXX/2), "...this book will take its place beside the works of Franck Thomas Arnold and Peter a standard point of reference." He is editor-in-chief of the music journal, Performance Practice Review, and was consulting editor for Encyclopedia of the Harpsichord and Clavichord (2006). A former harpsichord pupil (as Fulbright Scholar) of Gustav Leonhardt, Professor Zappulla has appeared as soloist or continuist throughout North America and Europe, and he has directed and served as harpsichordist for the period-instrument ensemble, Concordia Clarimontis, since founding it in 2005 (see "Early Music/Historical Performance Practice Faculty" below). He has played with many other local period instrumentalists and ensembles, including Con Gioia, the Angeles Consort, and the Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra. For further information you are invited to download Professor Zappulla's current resume:

Download files of live, unedited recordings of Professor Zappulla's concerts at The Claremont Colleges:

Works by L. Couperin. Robert Zappulla, harpsichord. February 18, 2005

Works by Rameau. Concordia Clarimontis: Robert Zappulla, harpsichord and director; Janet Beazley, baroque flute; M. Anne Rardin, baroque violin; Shanon Zusman, viola da gamba. April 4, 2008

Works by Byrd. Robert Zappulla, harpsichord. March 1, 2011

Works by Marais, La Guerre, and Bach. Concordia Clarimontis: Robert Zappulla, harpsichord and director; M. Anne Rardin; baroque violin; Shanon Zusman, viola da gamba. May 3, 2011

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Professor Robert Zappulla

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