Master of Arts (M.A. in Music)

Master of Arts in Music degrees are offered in the following areas of concentration:

A minimum of 34 semester units of course work is required for the M.A. degree. The concentration in Historical Performance Practices requires 38 units, and the professional programs outlined below require 36 units. 20 units of this requirement are to be selected from core courses. The remainder are to be taken within the concentration, as electives, or as interdisciplinary courses.  For detailed information about degree requirements, please refer to the Music Department Handbook and the CGU Bulletin.

M.A. in Music, Concentration in Church Music

Students in this concentration must choose a major in either organ or choral conducting.

  • MUS 301a,b Music Literature and Historical Styles Analysis 8 units
  • MUS 302 Research Methodology and Bibliography 4 units
  • MUS 311a Applications of Music Technology 4 units
  • MUS 312 Church Music Program Management 4 units
  • Individual Lessons 8 units
  • REL 315 Worship, Preaching and the Arts 4 units
  • REL 360a Exploring Christian Faith Through the Arts 4 units
  • Recital

M.A. in Music, Concentration in Music Composition

  • Core Requirements 20 units
  • Elective, Interdisciplinary Course 6 units
  • MUS 380 Seminar in Composition 8 units
  • Composition

M.A. in Music, Concentration in Historical Performance Practices

  • Core Requirements (MUS 301a, b; 302; 303 or 401-406; 311a) 20 units
  • MUS 304 History of Performance Practices 4 units
  • MUS 230-51 Individual Lessons 8 units
  • MUS 172g Collegium Musicum and/or MUS 271 Chamber Music 2 units
  • Interdisciplinary Course 4units
  • Recital
  • Master's Thesis

M.A. in Music, Concentration in Musicology

  • Core Requirements 20 units
  • Historical Courses 8 or 10 units (See Master's Thesis Research below.)
  • Interdisciplinary Course 4 units
  • Master's Thesis Research (optional) 2 units

M.A. in Music, Concentration in Performance

  • Core Requirements 20 units
  • MUS 230-51 Individual Lessons 8 units
  • Elective, Interdisciplinary Course 6 units
  • Recital

Transfer Units

Master's degree students may request the transfer of a maximum of 6 units of appropriate course work, completed with a grade of B or better at other accredited graduate institutions.  Up to thirty units of credit for master's degrees in music received from Claremont Graduate University may be applied toward doctoral degrees. Transfer units to be applied toward a degree should be requested within two weeks of the beginning of the semester in which a student enters a graduate program.

Obtaining a Master's Degree Along the Way to a Doctorate

Music students entering doctoral programs without a master's degree already in hand may qualify to receive one while working towards the doctorate: see Master's Degree Along the Way to a Doctorate for details, including the procedure for requesting such a degree.  In addition to the requirements stated on that page, Music students who wish to receive a master's 'along the way' must have completed at least 48 units at CGU that are both applicable to the doctoral degree they are earning and that include the core course requirements for the master's degree they wish to receive.  Such Music students also must satisfactorily complete all recital (or, if appropriate, composition) and language-tool requirements for the specific master's degree they seek.

Other Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student to meet all the degree requirements outlined in the official CGU Bulletin and other pertinent documents governing specific degree programs. A student requesting an exception to a degree requirement must submit a petition to the registrar well in advance of the deadline for the requirement. All such petitions must have the endorsement of the student's graduate faculty.

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