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Doctoral students should refer to Completing Your Degree - Doctoral Students.





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If your degree requirements include submission of a dissertation or thesis, use the instructions below and the additional links to organize and manage the process so as to meet all degree deadlines for the semester in which you expect to graduate.



Beginning Spring 2011, CGU strongly encourages the submission of academic manuscripts using the electronic processes described on these web pages.  Electronic submissions are an environmentally-friendly process as well as reduce expenses for the student.  For electronic submissions, the publication and microfilming/binding fees are waived.

If unavoidable, paper submissions will continue to be accepted as indicated below.

  • Guidelines: Preparing and Submitting Your Doctoral Dissertation.  Effective January 2011, the signatures of review committee members are no longer published.
  • Payment of Publication and Microfilming/Binding fees are required with paper submissions.  (Fees are subject to change.)

Please note that paper submissions generally require a six-month window for publication.  Electronic submissions are available in approximately six weeks.




CGU Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation

CGU guidelines for the preparation and submission of dissertations and theses are provided in Preparing Your CGU Dissertation/Thesis.  Note that the publication process is open to masters students who wish to publish their thesis.

For other detailed information, refer to Formatting and Submitting Your Dissertation.


Submitting Your Manuscript: Your ETD Account

Access the ETD Administrator

Beginning Spring 2011, all dissertations and theses are prepared, reviewed, approved, and submitted electronically.  This process is managed by the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) Administrator created by ProQuest/UMI, the national publisher to whom CGU submits its academic documents.  The ETD Administrator is used for all of the following purposes.

  • To create an electronic--or portable document format (pdf)--version of your manuscript or work
  • To collect author specifications regarding publication, copyright, and any applicable embargos
  • To order print versions of your dissertation or thesis
  • To communicate with ProQuest/UMI, the publisher, even after you graduate

Create your ETD Account anytime during your manuscript preparation process.  If you are able to create your pdf using other resources, you need not create your account until you are ready to submit your manuscript at the end of the approval process.  Creating your account early in the process, however, allows you to carefully consider the publication options as well as consult a library of publication aids.

When creating your account, go to the ETD Administrator gateway and follow the procedures provided.  If you are unable to link to the ETD Administrator, use www.etdadmin.com/cgu to manually type the URL into your browser.  You must submit information in the requested progression at the outset of establishing your author account.  Until your dissertation or thesis is submitted to ProQuest/UMI, you may return to the intial data input pages and revise information or requests on your account.

Account Creation Requirement.  Only the student author may create an ETD account.  You will need to specify copyright and embargo instructions, if applicable.  You may also need to provide credit card information, such as for copyrights and purchase orders of print copies.

Permanent E-Mail Address.  You will continue to have access to your ETD account even after you leave CGU, so be sure to provide permanent contact information so that ProQuest/UMI can contact you and/or verify your identity as an author even after you graduate from CGU.

Process Acknowledgements.  Once the Registrar's Office submits your manuscript to ProQuest/UMI, you are notified by e-mail by the ETD Administrator.  ProQuest will also notify you once the manuscript is published.  If you wish to request the URL of your publication, you may do so at that time by contacting ProQuest/UMI.

Questions about the ETD may be referred direct to ProQuest/UMI through the ETD Administrator.



Your Published Manuscript: Scholarship@Claremont

What happens with your manuscript after it accepted and archived in the files of scholarly works?  See Your Published Manuscript: Scholarship@Claremont.



Review Committees

Identifying Your Committee.  See Your Dissertation Proposal and Advancement to Candidacy.

Communicating with Your Committee.  Create an e-mail distribution list for your review committee to facilitate the distribution, review, and approval process of your manuscript.  Ask your department/program whether a department representative should be included in this distribution list for tracking purposes.

Unless otherwise directed by your department, you are responsible for routing pdf versions of your dissertation or thesis to all committee members.  Be sure to distribute manuscripts well in advance of the date you have scheduled with your department for defense of your manuscript, sometimes referred to as oral exams.

Final Approval of Review Committee.  See Defending Your Dissertation and Final Approval.



Final Approval for Graduation

You are not eligible for your degree until the following items are received by the Registrar's Office.

  • Applicable Degree Completion Status Form(s) are received from your department
  • Submission of a final version of your dissertation or thesis, including any revisions requested by your review committee, which you must submit through the ETD

A deadline for degree requirements is established for each semester and published in the Academic Calendar.  Documents received after this deadline may delay conferral of a degree until the next semester.




Your department should be consulted regarding all questions regarding completion of your degree requirements.

Contact ProQuest/UMI via your ETD Administrator account regarding questions or concerns about publication, copyrights, and other ProQuest/UMI services.  Phone numbers are also provided from the Contact Us link at the bottom of the ETD Administrator logon page.

  • E-mail: info@proquest.com
  • Technical Assistance: (877) 408-5027
  • Copies: (800) 521-0600



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