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Procedures for Committees


Thank you for your participation and for agreeing to serve on the review committee for a student's dissertation or thesis.  CGU depends upon your valuable expertise in reviewing student work and in assessing whether the manuscript or accomplishment meets the professional standards of your field.  Your interaction on the review committee and personal guidance of your student is a contribution not only to the development of the student, but to your field and profession as well.

While the department/program may provide separate instructions, this page contains information about CGU expectations and provides links to information you may find helpful as a committee chair or member.


Approval Process

The Committee determines its own process for the review of work submitted by a student.

Distribution of manuscripts.  Student procedures direct students to submit electronic (pdf) versions of their work to you and to schedule a defense date through the department.

In its commitment to environmentally-friendly processes, CGU requests that if you require a printed version of a dissertation or thesis, you print one upon receipt of the student's pdf.

Defense (Oral Exam).  The student's defense, also formerly referred to as an oral exam, is an opportunity for the student to publicly demonstrate expertise in the subject of the dissertation or thesis.  Please make every effort to be present for this event.  Committee members who cannot be physically present may participate via audio or teleconference.

At the conclusion of the defense, if the review committee is satisfied that the student's manuscript and oral presentation meet academic standards, the members signify their endorsement by signing the Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval.

Final Committee Approval.  At the conclusion of the defense, if the review committee is satistied that the student's manuscript and oral presentation meet academic standards established by the department or program, the committee members document their approval on a Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval, available from the department or program.

All committee members must provide personal evidence of their final approval of the student's work.  Committee members who are not physically present, and unable to sign the Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval, may provide such evidence by either faxing a written statement or providing approval via e-mail.  The committee member's approval may be structured as follows.

Approval for (student name)

Defense Date (date)

Approved (approval date)

Your typed or printed name and title

Your signature (if faxed)

If the approval is e-mailed, the e-mail should be sent from a formal institutional (.edu) or organizational (.org or .com) address.

Whether faxed or e-mailed, separate approval documents should be collected by the committee chair or the department and attached to the Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval.  Only complete Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval forms may be forwarded to the Registrar's Office.

Final Approval.  In order for the student to graduate within the current semester, your Final Approval Form (Doctoral Students): Certification of Review Committee and Department Approval must be submitted to the department and filed with the Registrar's Office prior to the degree completion deadline established for the semester and published in the Academic Calendar.  Delays in the completion of degree requirements or submission of required documentation may result in postponing the student's degree conferral to the following semester.






Refer all questions to the department or program office.


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