Repeat Policy


This policy is established in compliance with federal financial aid regulations and to ensure the accuracy and integrity of student academic records.  Repeat enrollment in courses is governed by this policy and applies to all courses offered at CGU with the exception of the following courses or types of courses.

  • Independent study/research courses
  • Doctoral Study and Continuous Registration courses
  • Internships
  • Music/art performance, practice, and studio courses
  • Courses for which multiple semesters of enrollment are required by the academic program
  • Courses that students must repeat in order to achieve a minimum grade specified by program degree requirements


Policy on Repeating Courses

Students may repeat courses with the approval of the student's program AND provided all of the following conditions apply.

  • The course itself does not restrict repetition.
  • The student's department or program does not restrict repeating courses or have other limits on repeated courses.
  • Previous enrollments in the course have been assigned a permanent grade.  Permanent grades are grades other than I (Incomplete) and GP (Grade Pending).
  • The student must register and enroll for each repetition of a course.  Applicable tuition and other fees apply.

For academic transcript purposes, the following policies apply to the recording of repeated courses.

  • All enrollments are recorded on the official transcript, including the grade received for each enrollment.
  • Students may receive credit for a course only once, regardless of the number of repetitions.
  • For grade point average (GPA) calculations, the highest grade achieved by a student in a repeated course is the grade that is factored into the student's GPA.

Financial aid may not be available for the repetition of certain courses.  To determine eligibility for funding and application of financial aid regulations to repeating courses, please consult Financial Aid.


Important Considerations for Students

The Policy on Repeating Courses is intended to ensure academic, chronological accuracy and to preserve the integrity of a student's transcript as an official report of historical enrollment and academic performance.  Grading must be based upon performance requirements announced by the instructor of record at the beginning of the course. The Incomplete Grade process allows a student additional time to complete coursework, but does not authorize participation in subsequent offerings of the course.

Students who choose to repeat a course must be cognizant of all of the following.

  • Enrollment in a course that is being repeated must be approved by the student's department.
  • A course may not be repeated if a permanent grade has not been assigned for a previous enrollment in the same course.  Courses for which a student has received an Incomplete (I) or Grade Pending (GP) notation may not be repeated until after a permanent grade is assigned.
  • Subsequent enrollments in a course for which the student received an I, GP, or no grade for a previous enrollment in the same course will result in assignment of a W (Withdrawn) notation for the first enrollment.  No refunds are available these previous enrollments since the course was taken in a past semester.
  • Grades for previous enrollments in a course remain on the student's transcript.
  • The highest grade earned in a repeated course is factored into the student's GPA.
  • Credit may be earned only once for a course, regardless of the number of repetitions of the same course.
  • Financial aid may not be available for units that accrue from repeating courses.  To determine eligibility per financial aid regulations, please consult Financial Aid.

Students who do not expect to complete a course successfully should consider dropping the course before the end of the semester in which the course is taken.  After the Add/Drop date announced in the Academic Calendar, the drop action may be recorded on the student's transcript with a W (Withdrawn) notation.  W does not affect the GPA.  It is an enrollment notation and is neither punitive nor negative.

As a reminder, grade changes are recorded on the transcript with the original grade and the date a new grade is assigned.


Integrity of Student Academic Performance

Grades and grade changes may only be submitted by the instructor of record.  The instructor of record is the instructor designated in CGU course files and the CGU Schedule of Classes as the faculty member responsible for the course.

Grades must be based upon a student's performance in coursework established for the course by the instructor of record during the semester that the course is offered.

Students may never take a course in one semester and repeat the course in a subsequent semester with the objective of replacing a grade earned in a previous semester.  This is a violation of the integrity of academic record practices and a misrepresentation of student academic achievement.  Such a practice is also unfair toward both the University and the other students enrolled in the course.

Exceptional circumstances, such as the death or unanticipated departure of an instructor, are addressed by the department with the concurrence of the Provost and the Registrar.

Policies and procedures regarding grades are detailed in the Student Guide to Grades at CGU.



Consult your department.

Registrar's Office at

Financial Aid at regarding eligibility of financial aid when repeating courses and other financial aid concerns.


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