Obtaining Feedback

Input from advisors and colleagues will help you to refine your ideas as you write. Try the following strategies:

1. Present sections of your thesis or dissertation as conference papers or submit them for publication. Audience members and editorial boards frequently provide valuable comments. The deadlines involved with such presentations will also help move your dissertation along.

2. Meet regularly with committee members to get feedback on your work-in-progress.

3. Get advice on your work throughout the writing process (while developing and organizing ideas, during the drafting phase, and as you revise). You can meet with a writing consultant or people in your department.

4. Form or join a dissertation or thesis group that focuses on presenting and critiquing work-in-progress. Set one up with people in your department or other colleagues who are interested in making progress. Be sure that your group members are committed to attending your meetings and your dissertation group can be an invaluable asset for setting and meeting deadlines, and developing and refining ideas. One such dissertation group already meets through the CGU Writing Center. 

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