Positive Developmental Psychology

Sample of Master’s Theses and Dissertations

As a product of working with a faculty research advisor, students are currently conducting exciting research on a variety of developmental topics.  A sample of MA theses and dissertations underway or completed at CGU include the following:

  • Elise Arruda: A Study of Positive Development of Urban Youth: Thriving in After School Programs
  • Kelly Murphy: Do External Buffers Attenuate the Relationship Between Placement Disruption and Maladaptive Outcomes? An Empirical Study of Foster Care Alumni
  • Alissa Greenberg: Addressing the Research-to-Practice Gap in Autism Treatments: Applying an Effectiveness Research Model to the Picture Exchange Communication System
  • En-Ling Chiao: Exploring the Development of Life Purpose through Study Abroad Experiences
  • Julia Koch: Situational Optimism in Mentor-Protégé Relationships
  • Michael Warren: Effects of Relational Meditation on Well-Being in Older Adults
  • Krista Collins: Increasing Attendance and Retention in After-School Programs: The Link between Personality Traits, Activity Type and Flow Experience
  • Brett Wheeler: The Unique Role of Humor in Broaden-and-Build Theory
  • Susan Menkes: Children’s Media Comprehension: The Contribution of Media Platform, Executive Functioning Skills, and Age
  • Ann Isbell: The Impact of After-school Program Participation: Applying Hierarchical Linear Regression
  • Veronica Fruiht: Finding the Will and the Ways: How Using Character Strengths Can Make Adolescents More Hopeful
  • Kari Berquist: Teaching Parents of Children with Autism to Evaluate Interventions
  • Marian Liu: Older Adults’ Decision Making: Choice Set Size and Emotional Regulation
  • Linda Meyer: Children’s Interest during Shared Reading Predicts Receptive Vocabulary
  • Qin Li: Exploring the Impact of Positive and Negative Mood on the Creative Process