Positive Developmental Psychology

Faculty Members and Research Opportunities

The program has a wide-reaching focus on the applied aspects of positive developmental psychology.  Graduate faculty interests and research specialties span major developmental epochs (infancy, early childhood, adolescence, aging populations) and domains (cognitive, socio-emotional).  Reflecting the applied nature of the program, selected faculty apply developmental research and theory to the study of vulnerable youth, including children with autism and children in poverty.  Faculty also use their developmental expertise to evaluate programs designed to improve the lives of children and their families. 

Follow this link to see a selection of recent and current research projects, or follow the links below for the home pages of our faculty:


 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Flow and Creativity

 Jeanne Nakamura
Positive Adult Development

Tiffany Berry
Interventions with Vulnerable Populations, Educational Evaluations


 Kathy Pezdek
Child Eyewitness Testimony


Jessica Borelli

Emotional Development, Youth-Adult Relations

 Marjorie Charlop
Interventions with Vulnerable Populations

 Patricia Smiley

Language Development, Motivation

 Mita Banerjee
Parenting, Motivation, & Emotion

 Daryl G. Smith
Education & Development

Tomoe Kanaya

Cognitive Development

 Sheila Walker
Culture & Development

Ray Buriel

Culture & Development 

David Moore
Cognition in Infancy

William Perez
Culture & Development

Eric Hurley

Culture & Development

 Susan J. Paik
Youth Development