What's New? (For Students)

FALL 2011

19 August 2011




Assistance with Student Issues

At press time, the positions of Vice President Student Services and Dean of Students were still open.  As the new semester begins, however, Student Affairs is prepared to assist you regarding any CGU issues, problems, or concerns that may arise.  Please direct concerns you would otherwise refer to the Dean of Students to the following Student Affairs directors, all of whom are located in or near the Student Affairs Suite in Harper East.  This information is also posted on the Dean of Students page.

Cliff Ramirez, Registrar - cliff.ramirez@cgu.edu

Student academic services, registration and enrollment, leaves of absences, academic and financial appeals

Julia Wendt, Director of Admissions - julia.wendt@cgu.edu

Admissions questions and holds, international student services

Gabriella Tempestoso, Director of Student Life & Diversity - gabriella.tempestoso@cgu.edu

Student life, diversity and the Minority Mentoring Program, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accommodations and services, Graduate Student Council (GSC) and student clubs

Susie Guilbault, Director, Financial Aid - susie.guilbault@cgu.edu

Student financing, fellowship, financial aid

If you are uncertain as to which director to submit your concern, contact Student Affairs at student.records@cgu.edu or (909) 621-8285 for assistance.



Procedural Changes - Student Transactions

A number of changes to various student transactions have been made and are effective immediately.  The first two changes described below are made to comply with financial aid regulations.

Leave of Absence.  The Leave of Absence Request Form and procedures have been revised.

  • Financial implications are based upon the date your request is received and the Add/Drop guidelines for the semester of your leave.  Exceptions are handled through the financial appeal process.
  • Library access and other student services are not automatically extended during your leave of absence.  You may request these services on the Leave of Absence Request Form.  If you elect these services, the Student Services and Technology Fees for that semester are billed to your student account.  These fees are listed in the Tuition & Fees table of the Student Accounts website.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss with and/or notify their departments when contemplating a leave of absence.  There may be other options for you to continue progress toward your degree.

Extension of Time to Degree.  While individual departments and programs may limit the number of approved extensions granted, all students who have had three or more extensions are subject to reviews of their progress toward degree.  At the time of extension, faculty may require students to complete additional courses to ensure relevancy of the degree completion for the student's new graduation term.

Financial Policy Appeals.  Appeals that request refunds of tuition require approval of the dean of the school under whose program the course is offered.



Policy on Repeating Courses

On July 1, 2011, federal regulations for financial aid eligibility required institutions to maintain and disclose policies regarding repeat enrollment by students in the same course.  Our web page on Repeating Courses summarizes CGU's policy.

The policy is not expected to impact students or programs in any great way since the concern of the financial aid regulators is primarily focused on the perpetuation of student status in the absence of progress toward degree.  The development of this policy, however, provides an opportunity to clarify guidelines and practice, including the implications regarding courses in which you receive an Incomplete (I) grade.


Updates on Automation of Registrar Services

The Registrar's Office has announced that a number of student and third party services were in the process of being automated.  These services are offered in conjunction with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), which already manages financial aid, lender, and other government reporting requirements for CGU.

Enrollment Verifications.  This service is now available.  Refer third parties that need to verify your enrollment at CGU to the NSC website (www.studentclearinghouse.org) or to our verification page (www.cgu.edu/verify) for instructions and links.

Degree Verifications.  The DegreeVerify service is expected to be available shortly after the beginning of Fall 2011.  When available, an announcement will be made on the registrar's website.  As with enrollment verification, third parties would be referred to the NSC website (www.studentclearinghouse.org) or to our verification page (www.cgu.edu/verify) for instrustions and links.

Online Transcript Ordering.  Also expected to be available after the start of Fall 2011, this service will allow you to order transcripts online and pay for them using a major credit card.  Availability of this feature will be announced on the registrar's website and instructions will be provided on the Request Transcripts page.

IMPORTANT NOTE Automation does not mean that students on campus are prevented from obtaining these services either on campus or through the mail.  Rather automation allows us to provide expanded options for our services to you and to other clients.  All automated services, for example, are available 24/7.  In addition, since credit cards are no longer accepted in Student Affairs, the automated system allows you to use this form of payment feature if you prefer.  All services will continue to be available for students on campus.  If you have any questions, follow the instructions on the particular service's page or contact us at student.records@cgu.edu.


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