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Sponsors & Collaborators

Claremont Graduate University
The TCIS research grant was awarded to Thomas A. Horan, Assistant Professor, Claremont Graduate University (CGU), who also serves as Research Director for the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota, a key collaborator organization on this project (see below). For more information on research at the School of Information Systems and Technology, CGU, click here.

National Science Foundation
The TCIS research project is funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Digital Government program. To see a description of this project on the NSF web site click here.

University of Minnesota
This project receives co-sponsorship from the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Humphrey Institute and Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, University of Minnesota. It also collaborates with the DOT sponsored Center for Excellence in Rural Safety at the Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota. Click here to read a description of related research efforts at the Center for Excellence.

COMCARE is a collaborator on this project providing general guidance as an Advisory Committee member as well as sponsoring a policy symposium in Washington D.C. COMCARE is a non-profit national advocacy organization of over 100 members, all dedicated to advancing emergency communications. As an organization, their goal is to create an environment of borderless, geographically targeted information sharing to achieve the most advanced response to emergencies. For more information, visit the COMCARE web site by clicking here .

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