2010 - 2011 SAH Dissertations

Spring 2011 | Fall 2010 | Summer 2010


Spring 2011

Rebecca Cantor, English
"The Power to Name Pudd'nhead: Names and Naming in Mark Twain's Works"

David Emerson, English
"Local Rules: The Alternative Democracies of Nineteenth Century American Fictions"

Angela Feres, History
"Father Andrew White, The Jesuit Order, and the Marketing of Colonial Maryland"

Jessica Groper, English
"'She Must Be Brought to REason Somehow': Depictions of Epilepsy in Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Wilkie Collins"

Mark Howard, Music
"Rameau's 'Code de musique pratique' and 'Nouvelles réflexions sur le principe sonore' (1760): a Translation with Commentary"

Naomi Kubo, English
"Moments in Flannery O'Connor's Works"

Michael Ladner, Philosophy
"Unconsciously Motivated Action"

Jennifer Money, English
Modern England

M. Rochelle Sivad, Cultural Studies
"Celebrities as Models for the Quality of Life"

Jill Thayer, Cultural Studies
"Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture: A Dialectic in Social and Material Conditions of Southern California Artists"

Mindy Trac, English
"The Aesthetics of Ghostly Female 'Bildung': Mourning, Sensibility, and Terror in Ann Radcliffe's Gothic Romances"


Fall 2010

Frederick Culverhouse, Philosophy
"Plato's 'Hippias Minor': A Translation and Critical Commentary"

Dustin Hopkins, English
"Twain and the Philosophy of 'As If'"

Jefferson Huang, Philosophy
"The Ethical Lives of College Students in the Digital Age"

Robert Llizo, History
"'When the Brothers Go Through the World': The Urban Asceticism of St. Francis of Assisi"


Summer 2010

William Crandall, English
"Emily Dickinson and Mediation"

Erin Kirk, Music
"Aaron Copland & Leonard Bernstein: Twentieth-Century Music Through the Eyes of Masters"

Barry Thornburg, History
"The New Left at California State College, Fullerton: A Case Study of the Radical New Left in a Conservative, State College Community During the 1960s and Early 1970s"

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