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Disability Determination Process

An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Incomplete Medical Evidence

Kay Center Study Briefing - Washington, DC
March 4, 2008
9:00am - 1:00 pm


This study emerged from the combined recommendations of our first and second disability policy forums in December 2006 and April 2007. In 2006 there was widespread sentiment of a recognized need to do targeted analysis of policy connections and innovations that would facilitate EDR/PHR consideration and utilization. Then four months later, a convening of experts concluded that there was a need to examine  opportunities and actions for using health information technology to support disability health management, including the disability benefit determination process. 

Consequently,  the goals of the study were to explore: 

  • the impact of "incomplete" medical evidence and/or the delay in completing medical evidence on the disability determination process (specifically, for SSA disability claim processing)
  • the solutions implemented to address "incomplete" or delayed medical evidence collection
  • the role online access to electronic records can play in lowering the number of "incomplete" medical evidence or in reducing the delay in completing medical evidence

This briefing of our results was followed by commentary offered by industry leaders.

We are grateful for the time granted us by the 19 interviewees and for the financial support provided by the Kay Family Foundation.

Location Information:

The forum was an invitational session, held at the City View Room of George Washington University, located at 1957 E Street, 7th Floor, Washington, DC.  


Kay Center Study Briefing Program

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Pictures from the Forum


Dr. Tom Horan


Bengisu Tulu

Thomas Horan
Welcoming everyone to the briefing


Bengisu Tulu
Discussing the overlap and intersection of clinical
information/claims information/medical evidence

Expert Commentary Panel 

Expert Commentary Panel - Moderated by Susan Daniels 
panel experts: as photographed from left to right

 Daniel Bertoni

 Mark Haas
(Partners/Mass General)

Art Kaufman

Kim Nazi

 Debbie Somers

 Steeve Kay
(The Kay Center)

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