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Ben Quest
2223 Resume St.
Claremont, CA 91711

March 4, 1999

Patrick Analyst
Director of Personnel
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Dear Patrick:


I just recently learned of C-Bridge and its core business from Al Arboleda. As a 1999 graduate of UC Berkeley in Political Economy with an emphasis on the European Union, I find your recent growth in the European sector impressive. I feel that my interest in emerging markets and the rapid growth of C-Bridge in Europe may be a good match. If you have a few moments to review the attached resume, and think there may be a place for me at C-Bridge as an Analyst Consultant, please contact me at your convenience.

In the context of coordinating the needs and goals of a company with a suitable Internet system, I believe my recent work experience and education make me a strong candidate for the Analyst Consultant position. The skills gained from managing classrooms of both high-schoolers and adults should provide a solid foundation for successfully conducting workshops and interviews with clients. Aside from the macro-management of classes, I have spent many hours working one on one with students. From these personalized encounters, I have come to better comprehend their unique needs and to incorporate these needs into an exciting and challenging English/Spanish language curriculum. I hope to transfer some of the methodology and lessons learned from intimately dealing with such a wide array of ethnically diverse students to the growing spectrum of national and multinational companies that are looking towards the internet as a business tool. Furthermore, I feel my interdisciplinary studies of Political Economy in a globalized market place at Berkeley provide me with the tools necessary to identify future stakeholders for C-Bridge, especially in emerging markets.

C-Bridge's emphasis on individual empowerment within the framework of focused project teams is an appealing business model. This model seems extremely well-suited to finding corporate customers who can benefit most from C-Bridge's mission of optimizing internet solutions and shortening their business development pathways.

I hope to have the opportunity of speaking with you personally. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ben Quest

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