Blanca Aguierre
► MAPEB, Financial Policy, Class of 2013

Magna Cum Laude: BA in Economics, BA in International Business, Minor in International Politics, CSU Fullerton

Career Background
Intern: supply chain mgmt, Kraft Foods; export center, U.S. Intl. Trade Admin;
• Student Asst., Drucker Office of Career Management

Research Intern, Dept of Public Social Services, Riverside County
Professional Areas of Interest
• Member of the National Black MBA Association & the National Society of Hispanic MBAs • Member of the Drucker School Consulting Association.

Scholarship, Hispanic Scholarship Foundation
• Minority Fellowship, School of Politics and Economics
• Tuition Fellowship, Claremont Graduate University.


...The next step is to share the wisdom with others in hopes of decreasing social inequality and opening the doors of opportunity and advancement to everyone.
Career goals Being part of the MAPEB program allows me to be adaptable and thus, I am not set on particular industry or company. In essence, my goal is to work for a multinational company because I am attracted to their infinite potential for positive global impact. To be more specific, I aspire to work for Disney’s International Labor Standards Group or for Hewlett-Packard’s Emerging Markets Group. In the end, I hope to work for a company that sees me as a valuable asset and gives me autonomy to make important decisions. A company that has a global perspective and that integrates and learns from their local communities.

Why Drucker? My interest and intellectual assimilation into the Claremont Colleges started when I was still an undergrad at CSU, Fullerton because I attended the speaker series events hosted by Claremont McKenna. When I asked some of my professors about their experience or exposure to the Claremont Colleges, I received only positive feedback. One of my economics professors had taught at one of the Claremont Colleges and told me that the professors are really passionate about teaching and they have a more comprehensive approach in their teaching.

Nevertheless, the flexibility of the MAPEB program was the main factor in my decision to attend Drucker. I related to this program because I had molded it during my undergraduate years even before I knew such a program existed. When I studied abroad in France for a year I was able to return home and I noticed the dynamic relationship between socio-economics, government, and business. I esteem the underlying philosophy of the MAPEB program which basically embodies the fact that the concept of business is changing, because it is no longer one-dimensional and only concerned with the finance or management of a business, because now the market reacts to global events, both political and market-based – it offers a more comprehensive approach to understanding the context in which we live in and I am really excited about the limitless opportunities it offers to its students.

What are your expectations of the MAPEB program? I want to absorb the most I can from the professors and students that share their professional experiences in the classroom. I want to take advantage of the mentor program, forums, and clubs that the Drucker School offers. But most importantly, I think that most of the MAPEB students would like is to be seen as the Renaissance men and women of the 21st century.

Your most memorable experience at Drucker? My most memorable experience occurred when I attended, along with other Drucker students and alumni, the Drucker Business Forum featuring Michael Eisner with Keith Ferrazzi. In describing his book, Working Together: Why Great Partnership Succeed, Michael Eisner spoke to the Drucker in me when he revealed the secret to successful partnerships – find someone that shares your core values. I believe it had a Druckerian quality because Peter F. Drucker’s legacy lies in his teachings which focused on building effective relationships and how organizations can bring out the best in their employees and communities.

Favorite places in Claremont/Southern California? I enjoy visiting museums and cultural events throughout San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. In Claremont I enjoy attending the forums and speaker series offered by several of the Claremont Colleges. I also enjoy visiting the Laemmle Theatre in The Village since they show a lot of documentaries and foreign films not shown at most movie theatre chains.

What is your favorite Drucker quote? Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.
Like Drucker, I believe that knowledge should always keep moving forward. Individuals should constantly challenge themselves to new heights and share that experience and wisdom with others. So far my knowledge is shaped by my travels, my trans-disciplinary education, and my relationships with diverse mentors – all of these experiences have opened new doors of opportunity and advancement. “Today knowledge” is having a macro perspective because if you have the ability to understand the complex interconnectivity of world politics, markets, and society you are able to grasp the big picture and take full advantage of its opportunities. For all of us who can see the big picture and want to be quality leaders, the next step is to share the wisdom with others in hopes of decreasing social inequality and opening the doors of opportunity and advancement to everyone. 


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