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Claremont Graduate University (CGU) has entered into agreements with other institutions of higher education to offer various joint programs in selected fields or disciplines.  Partner institutions are accredited and offer graduate-level programs that, in collaboration with CGU, provide a rich and unique educational experience for the graduate student.

Joint doctoral (or joint doc) programs are currently offered in the following fields with the institutions indicated.


Computational Science Mathematics San Diego State University
Computational & Systems Biology Mathematics Keck Graduate Institute
Education Education San Diego State University
Engineering & Applied Industrial Mathematics Mathematics California State University Long Beach


CGU also offers as joint MBA/JD Program through the Drucker School at CGU and Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

The following are expectations and regulations governing the concurrent enrollment of students in these programs.  Links provided are to applicable CGU policies and procedures.

General Requirements and Student Status

Joint program students are concurrent students of both CGU and of the partner institution.  Students are required to abide by all campus and student policies of each institution.  CGU policies are provided in the CGU Bulletin, the Student Policies page, and in the registrar's website.

A continuing student status is required at both schools.  Notifications of changes to student status, such as withdrawals and leave of absence, must be made to each school per that school's policies and procedures.



Joint program students are expected to be enrolled in coursework at one of the two institutions each semester and must be registered at both institutions during the semester of graduation.  Verifications of enrollment are automatically exchanged between the program institutions each semester in the form of official transcripts.

When a joint program student is enrolled in coursework at a parter institution, CGU records this enrollment on the CGU transcript.  For the applicable semester, CGU records the notation "DISC 500 Enrolled at (parnter institution)" where DISC is the discipline.  Actual courses and grades completed at the partner institution are not recorded on the CGU transcript.


Financial Considerations

Tuition and fees are assessed by and paid to the institution at which the student is registered for the semester.

While registered or completing coursework at a partner institution, joint program students continue to maintain their library and other CGU student privileges without charge.

Generally, financial aid eligibility is determined by the institution at which the student is registered for the term.


Degree Requirements and Graduation

Students must adhere to and complete the degree requirements of each institution.  Final approval for completion of degree requirements, including review and approval of dissertations, must be obtained from each school.

Graduation does not occur until the student has completed all degree requirements at both schools.  During the graduation semester, the student is registered at both institutions and must follow the degree completion procedures at both institutions.

While joint program students generally participate in Commencement ceremonies at CGU, a student may participate in the ceremonies at both campuses, provided participation procedures are followed at each.

Only one diploma is issued to the student in a joint doc program.  CGU issues the diploma bearing the names and authorizations of the two institutions involved in the joint program.


Transcripts and Alumni Services

Official transcripts document academic work completed by a student at the institution issuing the transcript.  Joint program students, therefore, must always request transcripts from each of their program institutions when compiling complete academic documentation of their accomplishments, such as for employment applications and other needs.

Generally, joint program students qualify for alumni status at both of the institutions at which they were enrolled.



Consult your program coordinator.

For assistance with CGU policies and procedures, contact the Registrar's Office at or (909) 621-8285.


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