GIS Solution Development Concentration

The GIS Solution Development concentration within the Master's and Doctoral Information Systems and Technology degrees is designed to meet the educational needs of people who want careers developing transformative GIS solutions for organizations.The GIS Solution Development concentration is designed to develop the skills needed to create applications rather than simply use them.The skills needed for GIS solution design and development require advanced analytical as well as technical proficiencies including spatial analysis, geodatabase design and development, and the creation of intelligent map applications.These are at the center of the GIS Solution Development concentration.

Concentration Courses

IST 370: Geographic Information Systems: Essential Concepts (4 units)

This course provides an overview of the theoretical foundations and the applied use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).At the end of the course, students will have a working knowledge of GIS and how to apply it in various situations and organizational settings.Students demonstrate their understanding of the principles and fundamental concepts of GIS in a culminating project.

Course Objectives

  • Explore conceptual foundations of geographic information systems
  • Review visual and spatial analytic techniques
  • Examine geospatial data resources, data manipulation, and data management practices
  • Conduct geospatial data analysis
  • Present and share analytic results

IST 371: GIS Solution Development (4 units)

This course introduces students to the design and development of basic GIS applications and systems.Students demonstrate their mastery of basic GIS solution development practices with the delivery of a prototype GIS.The course ensures that students are exposed to the most current technologies and examines emerging issues and trends in the field.

Course Objectives

  • Review various GIS system architectures and components
  • Examine geospatial web services and supporting infrastructure
  • Understand application scalability and performance issues
  • Design a GIS-based solution
  • Build an intelligent map application (e.g., thin/thick clients, mobile, web)

IST 372: Advanced GIS Analytics and Solution Development (4 units)

This course focuses on advanced GIS analysis and the development of advanced GIS solutions.Students will acquire advanced analytic and technical skills to meet organizational and end-user needs.The course concludes with the delivery of either a spatial analysis report or a prototype GIS solution that addresses a real-world problem.

Course Objectives

  • Review advanced spatial analytic techniques (e.g., hot spot analysis, spatial regression, GWR)
  • Apply analytics across several domains and problems
  • Configure and manage a server-based GIS
  • Design and develop a multi-tier intelligent map application
  • Explore additional advanced topics (e.g., remote sensing, cloud-based GIS, big data analytics)

IST 373: GIS Practicum (4 units)

This course provides students with an opportunity to design, develop, and implement a GIS-based solution, or apply an analytic technique, to a research-based or industry/organization defined problem.Students will be involved in various aspects of project planning, development, management, and analysis.This course is designed to transition the student from a classroom participant to a professional GIS practitioner.

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