culture critique

v1  no2 (July 2009)

Special Topic: Fantasy, Image and the Arab-Western Encounter


Introduction: Fantasy and the Arab-Western Encounter in Image and Text
Andrew Long

Video Interview w/Professor Ali Behdad in Three Parts

Traversing Meanings: Remapping East and West
Daniel Drennan

Umm Kulthūm Sings Ahmad Shawqī’s Nahj al-Burdah: A Spiritualization of Polemics
Huda Fakhreddine

Nile Queens, Arabian Princes, Hard-working Turks and Dirty Old Arabs: Images of Easterners in Modern Western Plays
Robert Myers

Fantasies of the Unsexualized Other, Or, the Naiveté of the Arab Mind
Todd McGowan

Fantasy and Castration: "East" versus "West"
Ellie Ragland

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