Claremont Graduate University
Psi Chi Chapter


About Us

Stephen Weltz, President
M.A. Co-concentration in Organizational Behavior & Evaluation: Second Year

This is Stephen’s last year before he graduates, and feels truly lucky to be serving as a part of this amazing team of Psi Chi officers. His hope for Psi Chi is that it will help students better connect with research and work opportunities so that they can make the most of their time here at CGU.

Alison Abercrombie, Vice President
M.A. Co-concentration in Positive Organizational Psychology & Evaluation: Second Year

Alison serves as the Vice President for the Claremont Graduate University Psi Chi Chapter. She is involved in Dr. Reichard’s LeAD Research Lab serving as Lab Manager. Alison’s research interests include the impact of positive relationships on organizational effectiveness and well-being in the workplace, achieving Flow in the workplace, positive leadership, coaching, mentoring, and the effect of excellence, engagement, and ethics on good work.

Andi Ruybál, Secretary
Ph.D. Co-concentration in Applied Social Psychology & Health Behavior Research: Second Year

This is Andi’s second year as Psi Chi Secretary and student-faculty liaison. She is a member of the “Health Lab” aka Health Psychology and Prevention Science Institute here at CGU. Her research interests include: health disparities in minority populations, depression, postpartum depression, health psychology, minority influence, and persuasion.

Richard Dowlat, Treasurer
M.A. Co-concentration in Applied Social Psychology & Evaluation: Second Year

Richard is a 2nd year Social Psychology master's student. He is the treasurer of Psi Chi, as well as a Research Assistant in Dr. Jason Siegel's, Dr. Eusebio Alvaro's and Dr. William Crano's health lab. He is also involved in the Positive Relationships lab of Dr. Stewart Donaldson. His research interests include attraction and romantic relationships.

Jen Woods, Logistics
M.A. Co-concentration in Positive Organizational Psychology & Evaluation: Second Year

Jennifer Woods holds a B.A. in Psychology from Chapman University. Her interests include employee engagement, values-based organizations, organizational effectiveness, and early career-building. She is invested in improving employees’ quality of life by helping organizations reach their highest long-term potential, all while demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility through creating shared value.

Sarah Culbertson, Logistics
M.A. Co-concentration in Positive Developmental Psychology & Evaluation: Second Year

Sarah’s research interests focus on positive adolescent development, including social influences and skill development. Having served in an undergraduate Psi Chi chapter, she is eager to see the benefits Psi Chi can bring to a graduate and professional psychology community at CGU.

Dale Berger, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

As Faculty Advisor for our new chapter, I have the privilege of working closely with our Psi Chi officers and other members on plans and activities. Our Psi Chi chapter has a clear positive impact on our community, with exciting prospects for the future.


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