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Date                      Speaker                               Topic

1/25 2011       Patrick James, Dir of International Studies , USC     Democracy, Territory & Armed Conflict

2/1/2011         Dr. David Drew  A Practical Guide to Building an Academic Career Successfully

2/8/2011         Dr. Joshua Tasoff   The Economics of Anticipatory Emotions & Attention on Future Experiences

2/15/2011       Economic  Professors, Dr. Art Denzau, Dr. Thomas Willett, &  Dr.Graham Bird    Currency Wars, Reserve Currencies, & International Financial Stability

2/22/2011      Tracey Western and Bob Stern     California Public Policy, Center of Governmental Studies

2/28/2011      Michael J. Baranic    Planning for Success: US Policy for Transiting  Afghanistan by 2014  

3/1/2011       Elim Suleymanov     The Changing Regional Dynamics of Eurasia: A View from Azerbaijan

3/8/2011       Bowman Cutter, Pomona College   Do Minimum Parking Requirements Force Developers to Provide More Parking than Privately Optimal?

 3/10/2011    Bernd Fischer   The Future of Europe and its Consequences for the US and the World: A German Perspective

3/22/2011   Dr. Nathan Collins      Categorization and the Psychology of Politcial Behavior   

3/29/11  SPE Student Constantine Boussallis with Professor Jennifer Merolla  Social Psychology Applications In International Political Economy

4/5/11       Ananda Ganguly, PhD, CMC Professor    Speaking on Behavioral Economics

4/6/11      Faculty Research Panel     Reasons to Attend the School of Politics & Economics

4/12/11   Gyung-Ho Jeong, PhD    The Personal Vote, Bureaucracy, and Corruption

4/19/11   Melissa Rogers, PhD      Where do Dictators and Democracy Tax? Territorial Dimensions of Regime Differences in State Capacity

4/26/11   Dionne Bensonsmith, PhD   "Framing the Discourse: Black Women's Reproductive health and Policy Change After the 2008 NIH Summit on Health Disparities"


Date                      Speaker                               Topic

9/14/2010         Dr. Jacek Kugler         The Phoenix Factor Revisited   

9/21/2010    Dr. Sean Flynn, Assistant Professor of Economics, SCRIPPS COLLEGE    How Singapore Delivers the Best Medical Care in the World While Spending 80% Less Than We Do   

9/28/2010    Dr. Eunyoung Ha    Globalization and Welfare: Which Causes Which?   

10/5/2010    Dr. Mark Blitz    Practical Reason   

10/12/2010    Ray Pentz    ‘Efficient Markets, Anomaly Events, and Successful Investment Management in the “Real World”’   

10/14/2010    Dr. Leszek Balcerowicz     The Eurozone:  Problems & Solutions   

10/19/2010    Dr. Heather Campbell    "Helping Those Like Us or Harming Those Unlike Us?  Using Agent-Based Modeling to Examine Environmental Injustice"   

10/26/10         SPE Faculty Panel Presentation  “What you Need to Know About Graduate Studies & Making the Most of your Time Here at CGU" 

11/2/2010     Dr. Henry Cronvqist, McMahon Family Chair in Corporate Finance    The Origins of Savings Behavior   
11/9/2010      new date TBA for Spring, 2011 - Dr. Joshua Tasoff    A Model of Attention and Anticipation   

11/16/2010    Dr. Dan Mazmanian    “Preparing for Unavoidable Effects of Climate Change: A Strategy for California.”     

11/30/2010    Drs. Mark Abdollahian and Hal Nelson    Computational Political Economy: Citing New Energy Infrastructure   

12/7/2010    Dr. Paul Zak    Brains &  Financial Market Bubbles    


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