Hillcrest Transdisciplinary Student Research Award

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program created the Hillcrest Research Award to support and encourage student transdisciplinary research and collaboration.Awards range from $500 to $1500 per group, supported by a private gift to Claremont Graduate University. Click here to see the list of previous award winners.

For questions about the Hillcrest Student Research award, please contact transdisciplinary@cgu.edu.


  1. Three or more students from CGU, representing at least three disciplines. Applications from a single student will not be considered.
  2. Proposals that include both interpretive and quantitative methodologies are preferred.


  1. Schedule a public presentation for the CGU community about the results of your collaborative transdisciplinary project. Presentations may include public colloquia and discussions, poster sessions, exhibitions, or other formats.

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Proposal Checklist:

Sample Projects:

Dissertation group, research paper or article, electronic database or website development, survey, exhibit, colloquium, conference, etc.

  • (i) Description of the project to be supported.
  • (ii) Explanation of the transdisciplinary nature and contribution of the project.
  • (iii) Plan of activities and goals for the academic year.
  • (iv) List of committed participants, with a description of each of their own research agendas.
  • (v) Summary of anticipated expenses.
  • (vi) Curriculum vitae for each participant.

Receipts for expenses must be submitted before June 1, 2014.                                  Click Here to Show/hide the Process Map

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