Reclaiming Original Documents from Your Student Records


Claremont Graduate University (CGU) collects numerous documents from and about students in the course of its various administrative processes.  The Registrar's Office maintains student records files for five years following the last semester of a student's enrollment.  After this period, records are destroyed through a confidential records destruction protocol.

For students, and especially for international students, some of the documents provided to CGU for admissions and transfer credit purposes are documents that are difficult to obtain or are essentially irreplaceable.  Some foreign institutions limit the issuance of formal, official documents to a single request or distribution.  Documents include, but may not be limited to, the following non-CGU-issued records.

  • Transcripts
  • Academic records and institutional evaluations
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates of achievement

Unless a student or former student has signed a waiver of access to a particular record, original documents issued by foreign or other third party institutions are available for return to the student as follows.

  • When the document has served its original purpose at CGU
  • When maintenance of the original document is no longer required by CGU
  • If the documents is still being retained in CGU files

Whenever an original document is returned to a student or former student, a copy of the document is made and retained in the student file for the duration of the file's retention period.  CGU assumes no responsibility for documents and files that have already been destroyed per institutional records retention policies.



Note that the following procedure applies only to student records in the custody of and/or maintained by the CGU Registrar's Office.

Inquire.  Determine whether the document you seek is available at CGU by completing the Student Document Claim Form.  Submit your form to the Registrar's Office.  Delivery may be made in person, by mail, by FAX to (909) 607-7285, or by sending an imaged attachement by e-mail to

Await Confirmation.  Allow 72 hours for the records search to be completed.  The Registrar's Office will confirm availability of the document and advise you regarding when to pick up your document.

Pick up.  When picking up your document, you will be asked to sign the Disposition of Document(s) section of the Student Document Claim Form as evidence of receipt.  Your CGU Student ID or other government-issued identification card that includes a photo is required at the time of pick-up.

Alternate Delivery.  Documents may also be claimed in the following manner.  However, CGU is not responsible for the receipt of any document(s) not claimed in person by the student requesting the document(s).

  • Mail.  Provide mailing instructions on the Student Document Claim Form.  Delivery through the US Mail is free.  Expedited delivery, by a method selected by CGU Mail & Duplication Services (US Priority/Express Mail or Federal Express), is also available.  Expedited services require the prior payment of delivery service fees--$20 for a domestic US address or $60 for an international destination. Payment of fees should be made by cash or check only.
  • Proxy Pick-Up.  You may instruct CGU to release a document to your representative by completing the Authorization for Disposition section of Student Document Claim Form.  CGU will release documents to your representative only upon your prior written authorization.  Note that your representative must present a government-issued identification card with photo and must sign for receiving the document(s).



Registrar's Office: or (909) 621-8285


Review CGU's Student Privacy (FERPA) Policy.

Return to the registrar's web page.




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