Where do I get the full submission guidelines? 

Please go to the http://www.cgu.edu/pages/9317.asp and register.  We will then send you the guidelines within 24 hours.

I graduated before 2010.  Can I still apply? 

Due to several requests, we will accept applications for up to three years before 2010 for those who have registered.

I am currently a graduate student.  Can I still apply? 

Yes.  However, if you are currently in a graduate level GIS program, you will not be eligible for the Grand Prize: Tuition scholarship.  You are however eligible for the cash prize.  We’ve had a few inquiries along this line, and although our original intent was to support undergraduates pursing a Master’s degree, we’ve expanded our support to include the Ph.D.  Consequently, if you were to win, you could use the $35,000 scholarship award for doctoral-level study here at CGU.  You may also submit a proposal whether or not you want to purse advanced study – you might win the contest and the $1000 first prize!

I am a working professional.  Can I still apply? 

Yes.  Although our challenge is geared towards students or individuals who want to pursue a graduate level degree in GIS, you are still welcome to apply.

I am only interested in the cash prize.  Can I still apply? 

Yes, but ideally we want applicants who are looking to win the Grand Prize tuition scholarship and to matriculate into the School of Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University.

Can I apply even if I cannot make it out to Claremont for GIS Day?  

Yes, we can arrange an electronic introduction if necessary.

Do I need to have a fully developed and tested software application to submit? 

No.  It can be a concept and/or a demo of applying GIS to a health/humanitarian or transportation issue.  The idea is to propose, and ideally at least test, some interesting application of GIS. We want to make it achievable in the short-term.

Do all pieces of the guideline need to be filled out for consideration? 

Yes.  In order to be evaluated for the grand prize, a full application is required.  However, if you want preliminary feedback, we encourage you to send in whatever you have.

I would like to attend GIS Day.  Where can I find more information? 

Please go to http://www.cgu.edu/pages/9397.asp.  Schedule and Details forthcoming.

Why are you holding this competition?

We want to build awareness about GIS!

Where can I get more information about your program and about Claremont Graduate University? 

If you would like more information on the School of Information Systems and Technology, please contact Anondah Saide at anondah.saide@cgu.edu or 909-607-6006.  She will gladly assist you.


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