What's New? (For Students)

Spring 2012

19 October 2011




Repeat Courses - Warning Messages on the Portal

During the Summer 2011 semester, in order to comply with US Department of Education financial aid requirements, CGU posted its Repeat Policy regarding multiple enrollments in the same course number.  Certain courses are expected to be taken multiple times and these courses are exceptions.

For courses not excepted by the Repeat Policy, your fourth enrollment in a course will require the approval of your department.  If you receive a warning message and are prevented from completing an online enrollment, contact your department.  You will need to submit a Registration/Enrollment Change (Add/Drop) Form to your department for processing.



Registering in Independent Study Courses

To comply with federal financial aid regulations and with other higher education standards, it is important that your study list--the list of courses in which you are enrolled for a particular semester--accurately document your educational activities.  In fact, disbursements of financial aid, fellowships, and other funding opportunities may suffer serious delays if your enrolled units cannot be readily justified or substantiated.

Effective immediately, for all independent study courses, you must submit completed documentation at the time of your enrollment in these courses.  You may not register for these courses online.  And enrollment, as with any other course, is subject to the registration and Add/Drop deadlines for the semester.

If you anticipate enrolling in an independent study course, start your planning as early as possible.  Contact your instructor(s) to begin the documentation process and submit your Enrollment Contract and Registration Form for Independent Study Coursework within the announced registration and Add/Drop deadlines to avoid delays and any late fees.



New Resource for International Students

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently unveiled a new website intended for both international students and for the educational administrators who serve them.

Study in the States (http://studyinthestates.dhs.gov) is a new federal initiative designed to enhance the nation's competitiveness in the areas of science, technology, and the economy.  For both prospective and current international students, information available through the website includes the following.

  • Guidance on what to do after you are accepted at a US institution of higher education
  • How to obtain a visa to enter the United States
  • What procedures to expect upon arrival in the United States

The website is kept current with news briefs and developing situations regarding travel and security.  Links are also provided to other US government agencies and resources, including the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the US Department of State, and the Transportation Security Administration.



Beyond Orientation

How much do you remember about student processes, policies, or procedures from your Orientation?  Did you know that the registrar's website offers the following?

  • Ongoing updates through its Student Services News and Headlines box
  • Quick Links for your registration, degree completion, and basic information needs in the right sidebar
  • A Calendar of approaching dates and deadlines
  • The Registrar's Office statement of mission at the bottom of the webpage

The Registrar's Office has made it a priority to provide readily available information and guidance on our student processes and policies.  If there is something missing or in need of greater clarification, please send your thoughts to student.records@cgu.edu and we will do our best to address your needs.



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