Cultural Studies Program

4 + 1 Accelerated B.A./M.A. in Cultural Studies

Undergraduate majors in Media Studies at the Claremont Colleges also have the opportunity to complete a specially tailored Masters in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Media Studies that begins during their undergraduate training and is finished with one year of study at the Cultural Studies Department at CGU.

During the Sophomore or Junior year of undergraduate study, and after declaring a major in Media Studies, students may declare their intention to pursue the Accelerated BA/MA Joint Degree. At this point, they should contact their IMS undergraduate advisor as well as the Chair of the Cultural Studies Department at CGU to discuss the application process and their course selection.

Interested students must apply the fall or spring of their junior year and may use the remaining semesters at their undergraduate institutions to complete up to 16 pre-baccalaureate graduate units, which can include undergraduate Media Studies courses with a G/U (graduate/undergraduate) designation. Upon the receipt of his/her undergraduate degree, the student becomes a full time student at Claremont Graduate University for the remaining year of study.

Like the regular M.A. in Cultural Studies, the Accelerated Degree program is a 40-unit program, and students must complete the same core requirements as the regular M.A. Partial List of Media Studies Courses:

  • The Eye and the Gaze (CGU)
  • Film Theory and Criticism (CGU)
  • Transnational Media Theory (CGU)
  • Body, Representation, Desire (Pomona College)
  • Theories of the Visual (Pomona College)
  • Art and Time (Pomona College)
  • Film and Mass Culture (Claremont McKenna College))
  • Feminist Documentary Production and Theory (Pitzer College)
  • Media Praxis (Pitzer College)
  • Media Archives (Pitzer College)
  • Sound Theory, Sound Practice (Pitzer College)
  • Media and Sexuality (Pitzer College)
  • From Beauty to the Abject: Race, Whiteness and Modernism (Scripps College)

For more information about the 4 + 1 Accelerated B.A./M.A. program for students of the Claremont Colleges, click here.

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