Paul Zak
June 7/2012

Paul Zak is a recognized expert in oxytocin. His current research is demonstrates that oxytocin works as the brain's "moral molecule." This knowledge is being used to understand the basis for civilization and modern economies, improve negotiations, and treat patients with neurologic and psychiatric disorders.

David B. Audretsch
April 12/2012

David B. Audretsch is a distinguished professor, Ameritech Chair of Economic Development and Director, at the Institute for Development Strategies at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University at Bloomington. He spoke at Claremont Graduate University's Drucker Business Forum on April 12, 2012.

Rick Wartzman
February 23/2012

Rick Wartzman is the executive director of the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. The institute's mission is to better society by stimulating effective management and responsible leadership. It does this, in large part, by advancing the teachings of the late Peter F. Drucker, "the man who invented management" (in the words of BusinessWeek magazine).

Ravi Sawhney
February 9/2012

Ravi Sawhney, FIDSA is the RKS team leader, founder and CEO, as well as an author, lecturer and thought leader on design and innovation. Sawhney is a popular keynote speaker who has been featured recently in DC at the U.S. Patent & Trademark headquarters alongside the Undersecretary of Commerce, in Brazil at the Cycle of Knowledge Conference, in Cannes at the World Innovation Conference, and at the IDSA National Convention’s awards program.

Bruce Rosenstein
January 26/2012

Bruce Rosenstein is currently managing editor for the journal Leader to Leader. His book Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life was published by Berrett-Koehler in 2009. It has since been published in Brazil, China, and Japan. For 21 years, Rosenstein was a librarian for USA TODAY, where he also wrote about business and management books for the "Money" section of the newspaper. He serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Catholic University of America School of Library and Information Science.

Alisa Griffis
December 8/2011

Alisa Griffis is a professor of education at Indiana Wesleyan University, where she is the head of Educational Research in the Master's in Education Program.

Griffis wrote The Power of Three: Managing Life in a Hectic World after observing so many energetic professionals begin to wear down after years of being overly busy. She also works as a high school teacher with underprivileged youth in Perris, California. Griffis loves motivating students who have fallen through the cracks in “the system” and helping them put their lives back together, graduate from high school, and go on to become successful and productive citizens.

Michael Rossi
November 5/2011

Michael Rossi is the newly appointed special advisor to the governor for jobs and economic development.

He is a former adviser and senior member of the operations team at Cerberus Capital Management, LP, one of the world’s leading private investment firms, as well as former chairman of GMAC Residential Capital, LLC, and former vice chairman and chief risk officer of BankAmerica Corporation. Here he discusses the current California jobs crisis with Matt DeBord, senior business and finance reporter/blogger at KPCC public radio.

Vivek Ranadivé
November 5/2011

Vivek Ranadivé, founder and CEO of TIBCO Software Inc., as well as billionaire entrepreneur, technology visionary, and best-selling author, shares his views on the role of entrepreneurs in the creation and development of new products and services, and how disruptive innovation is a vital element in the cycle creation.

Bernie Jaworski
October 20/2011

Bernie Jaworski is the Peter F. Drucker Chair of Management and Liberal Arts at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management

Before Drucker, he was executive vice president, IMD, North America.  He was senior partner and president of Monitor Executive Development; He also held the post of senior leader and co-founder of Marketspace–the e-commerce practice. He simultaneously held the Markets Chair in Monitor University. He previously was the Jeanne and David Tappan Marketing Fellow and a tenured, full professor of marketing at the University of Southern California. He has also served on the faculty at the University of Arizona and was a visiting professor at Harvard Business School.


Austin Beutner
October 6/2011

As one of Los Angeles’ civic leaders, Austin Beutner has worked to build a stronger community including his recent role as the city’s first deputy mayor and chief executive for economic and business policy.

Inspired by his desire to make Los Angeles “a city that works,” Beutner served as the city’s “jobs czar” from January 2010 to May 2011 for a salary of $1 a year. He had oversight of 13 city departments ranging from Housing and Homeless, Planning, Building and Safety, to the LA Convention Center, Los Angeles World Airports (LAX, Ontario, and Van Nuys), the Port of Los Angeles, and the LA Department of Water and Power. To each he brought an innovative “do more with less” approach to solving some of the city’s largest problems.


Seth Godin
November 9/2010

Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur and marketer, discusses how the Internet has changed business and marketing.

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