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Willett, Thomas

Willett et al. - Classifying international aspects of currency regimes

Burdekin et al. - Fiscal and monetary institutions and policies: onward and upward?

Amri et al. - International comparisions of bank regulation, liberalization, and banking crises

Clark et al. - Measures of financial openness and interdependence

Li et al. - Measuring Macroeconomic and financial market interdependence: A critical survey

Efremidze et al. - Sudden stops and currency crises

Willett - The role of defective mental models in generating the global financial crisis

Ha and Kang - Government responses to financial crisis

Willett - Capital flow surges as bubble: a complex behavioral finance interpretation

Feng, Yi

University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University: globalization of higher education in China”, Higher Education, Springer Netherlands, 2013/4/1, pp 1-15.

 “Global Power Transitions and Their Implications for the 21st Century”, Pacific Focus, vol 28(2), 2013/8/1, pp 170-189.

 “The Asia Foundation, ed. America’s Role in Asia: Asian and American Views. Recommendations for US Policy from Both Sides of the Pacific”. Journal of Chinese Political Science, Springer Netherlands, 2010/12/1, vol 15 (4), pp 447-448.

National agenda, politics, and macroeconomic performance: An empirical study of growth, inflation, and employment in China”, Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2010/6/22, vol 3 (2), pp 97-109.

 “Foreign Direct Investment in Russia and Lessons for China” (with Yi Sun, Joshua C Walton), Chinese Economy, ME Sharpe Inc, 2009/5/1, vol 42 (3), pp 78-93.

 “Path to prosperity: the dynamics of freedom and economic development” (with Jacek Kugler, Siddharth Swaminathan, Paul J Zak), International Interactions, Taylor & Francis Group, 2008/12/11, vol 43 (4), pp 423-441.

 “Government Structure, Strength, and Effectiveness” (with Joshua C Walton, Apanard Angkinand, Marina Arbetman, Marie Besançon, Eric MP Chiu, Suzanne Danis, Arthur T Denzau, Jacek Kugler, Kristin Johnson, Thomas D Willett), The Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators: Challenges of Definition, Aggregation, and Application, Palgrave MacMillan, 2008/10/15, pp 187-215.

 “China's new social security system in the making: Problems and prospects” (with Jieli Li, Ismene Gizelis), International Journal of Public Administration, Taylor & Francis Group, 2007/12/27, vol 31 (1), pp 5-23.

 “8 Private, state-owned, and foreign-invested enterprises” (with Yi Sun), Private Enterprises and China's Economic Development, Routledge, 2007/6/30, pp 142.

 “Sources of Political Capacity: A Case Study of China”, International Studies Review, Blackwell Publishing Inc, 2006/12/1, vol 8 (4), pp 597-606.

Burdekin, Richard

What has driven Chinese monetary policy since 1990? Investigating the People's bank's policy rule” (with Pierre Siklos), Journal of International Money and Finance, 2008/9, vol 27 (5), pp 847-859.

 “China's Monetary Challenges: Past Experiences and Future Prospects”, Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (July 7, 2008).

 “US ADR and Hong Kong H-share discounts of Shanghai-listed firms” (with Gregory Arquette, William Brown Jr.), Journal of Banking and Finance, 2008/9, vol 32 (9), pp 1916-1927.

 “Sentiment effects on Chinese share prices and savings deposits: The post-2003 experience” (with Luke Redfem), China Economic Review, Elsevier, 2009/6, vol 20 (2), pp 246-261.

 “US pressure on China: Silver flows, deflation, and the 1934 Shanghai credit crunch”, China Economic Review, Elsevier, 2008/6, vol 19 (2), pp 170-182.

 “Stock market sentiment and the draining of China's savings deposits” (with Luke Redfem), Economics Letters, Elsevier, 2009/1, vol 102 (1), pp 27-29.

 “An ABC Guide to Provincial Lending Patterns in China

Progress and Prospects” (with Ran Tao), Chinese Economy, vol 44 (5).

 “China’s state-owned banks’ lending practices, 1994-2005: Empirical tests and policy implications” (with Ran Tao), The Open Economics Journal, Bentham Open, vol 1, pp 14-24.

 “Bank Lending, Inflation, and China's Stock Market (2004–2010)” (with Ran Tao), Economics Research International, vol 2011.




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