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Upon receipt of a final approval from your department, the Registrar's Office releases dissertations and theses in the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) gateway to ProQuest/UMI.  Manuscripts submitted in paper form are also sent to ProQuest/UMI for publication and storage.  If you did not place restrictions (embargos) to access on your work, ProQuest/UMI publishes your work and makes it digitally accessible to libraries and institutions.

Scholarship@Claremont is an open repository, a worldwide showcase, and a publishing forum of The Claremont Colleges Libraries.  Archiving locally, Scholarship@Claremont provides global access and enables publicity for the intellectual and scholarly work of the faculty, students, and staff of The Claremont Colleges.

Scholarship@Claremont provides access to its library of dissertations and theses to students and researchers alike.  These libraries ensure opportunities for freely accessible discovery of comprehensive and timely reviews of literature, recent and time-sensitive research, creative and artistic expression, and other scholarship that benefits authors and the world community alike.


How Scholarship@Claremont Works

ProQuest/UMI automatically notifies the Center for Digital Initiatives staff at The Claremont Colleges Libraries and transfers a copy of the manuscript file and metadata for filing in the library.  Embargos are also communicated to ensure that the author's publication instructions continue to be honored. 

Students who wish to take advantage of author services through the Center must send an e-mail request to Scholarship@Claremont.


Tracking Your Work

Scholarship@Claremont provides a number of services to help you track the impact of your scholarly work.

  • Download Counts.  You can receive reports of how often your work is downloaded by readers.
  • Referrals.  Reader inquiries can be referred direct to you for follow up.  Inquiries may include questions about your work or even requests for speaking engagements and other collaboration.

To take advantage of these services, send an e-mail request to


Student Author Benefits

Scholarship@Claremont provides student authors with a number of noteworthy benefits.

  • Increase in Citations.  Library and Archives Canada has reported a dramatic increase in citations of student work directly related to posts in an open access repository.  This impact is estimated at from 50 to 250%.
  • Worldwide Exposure.  The electronic medium promotes professional visibility and enhances your scholarly reputation among colleagues, institutions, and the global community.
  • Global Access.  Not only do colleagues, collaborators, and potential collaborators have access to your work, but the medium expedites accessibility for prospective employers, governmental grants and other funding agencies, foreign constituents, and other global entities.
  • Institutional Profile.  CGU's identity as a global research institution is greatly enhanced by the online volume and availability of the scholarly work of its graduates.  This, in turn, reflects back upon you in a positive way as a graduate of CGU.
  • Reduced Costs.  For both you and the institution, costs for manuscript processing and publication are eliminated or greatly reduced.  (See Dissertation/Thesis Procedures.)



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