DBOS Administration and Student Services

The Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences offers a graduate-only academic environment, where graduate students work intimately with nationally and internationally renowned faculty on a wide range of research projects.  These efforts are supported by a number of talented individuals that are committed to enhancing the quality of graduate education.


Stewart Donaldson, Ph.D., Dean

Phone: (909) 607 - 9001
Email: Stewart.Donaldson@cgu.edu

Edith Ramirez, Assistant to the Dean

Phone: (909) 607 - 9013
Email: Edith.Ramirez@cgu.edu

Cristina Tangonan, Job and Internship Coordinator

Cristina is a doctoral student in the Evaluation and Applied Research Methods program. She works to connect current students and alumni with exciting work and internship opportunities. She maintains the DBOS Jobs website and provides individual consultations to students about job search strategies. Individuals wishing to share an opportunity with the DBOS community should email Cristina at the email address below.

Phone: (909) 607 - 6227
Email: Jobs.Coordinator@cgu.edu

Richard Dowlat, M.A., Assistant for External Affairs

Richard is a doctoral student in the Applied Social Psychology program. He is responsible for assisting with website management, outreach projects, and the development of DBOS newsletters.

Email: richard.dowlat2@cgu.edu



Kristen (Soobin) Ahn, Assistant Director of Admissions

Kristen is assistant director of admissions for the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (DBOS) in Claremont Graduate University's School of Social Science, Policy, & Evaluation. She develops and supports diversity recruiting efforts through presentations, career fairs, conferences, and other platforms. She also records and analyzes admissions data and marketing initiatives and supports prospective students wherever she is needed.

Phone: (909) 607 - 7151
Email: Kristen.Ahn@cgu.edu


Academic Programs

Linda Pillow, Program Coordinator

Linda is responsible for managing the DBOS office and is the primary contact in the office for faculty and students. She coordinates the department's academic programs, assists in the admission process, aids incoming students with their initial registration, and approves individual programs of study. Linda monitors academic progress of students, ensuring they are on track and making progress toward their degrees from the first day until graduation. She facilitates faculty approval of course transfers, keeps course catalogues and curriculum guides up-to-date, as well as plans large-scale events for students in the DBOS academic programs.

Phone: (909) 607 - 1410
Email: Linda.Pillow@cgu.edu


Sherry Nissen, Administrative Assistant

Sherry has a dual appointment in DBOS, serving as the Administrative Assistant for Professor Csikszentmihalyi and the Quality of Life Research Center each morning. In the afternoons, she assists Linda Pillow and the DBOS office staff with student and faculty requests in addition to performing general office duties.

Phone: (909) 607 - 8603
Email: Sherry.Nissen@cgu.edu


Dave Mendelsohn, M.A., Program Assistant/MA Student Advisor

Dave is a doctoral student in the Organizational Behavior program.  He assists with MA co-concentration student advising, communications, and program support. He is also responsible for academic and career development events for our MA students.

Phone: (909) 607 - 7116
Email: david.mendelsohn2@cgu.edu


Corey Wasson, Program Assistant

Corey is a doctoral student in the Applied Cognitive Psychology program. Corey shares responsibilities in the DBOS office reception area and his primary focus is assisting with student requests. He also provides assistance to our PhD students and on program/class needs.

Phone: (909) 621 - 8084
Email: dbos@cgu.edu



Budget and Finance


Eliana Leon, Budget Coordinator

Eliana works with faculty, students, and staff on all budgetary matters. She is responsible for monitoring existing budgets, formulates annual administrative budgets, prepares financial statements for department accounts, and ensures conformance to budgetary compliance.

Phone: (909) 607 - 9693
Email: Eliana.Leon@cgu.edu