The Drucker School has joined forces with Southwestern Law School to create exciting new dual degree programs that will help Drucker and Southwestern students enhance their educational and career options by concurrently earning a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a J.D., an Executive MBA (EMBA) and a J.D., or Masters in Management (M.A.M.) and a J.D.

Dean Bryant Garth of Southwestern Law School with former dean Ira Jackson of the Drucker School

Former Drucker School dean Ira A. Jackson of the Drucker School said, "We welcome this partnership with Southwestern and look forward to substantial mutual benefits for students, faculty and alumni of both Southwestern and Drucker. There seems to be a very nice alignment of values between our two institutions, and a genuine desire for our graduates to not only make a decent professional living but to make a positive difference in society. The combination of legal training and management skills is increasingly in demand, and we believe that the first graduates of these new concurrent degree programs will find substantial opportunities to do well and to do good." 

Drucker students who pursue the dual degree will have units earned at the Drucker School (16 units for MBA, 10 units for EMBA, 6 units for MAM) applied to the units required for the J.D. Southwestern offers 4 J.D. program options, allowing Drucker students to select the program that best fits their scheduling needs. The dual degrees can be completed in 3.5 - 5 years, depending on which Drucker program a student enrolls in and which J.D. track is chosen.

The mission of Southwestern Law School is to produce highly skilled graduates who are capable of integrating theory and practice to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Through excellent faculty committed to promoting the highest level of professionalism, Southwestern seeks to create a vibrant academic community with a student-centered approach to legal education. With a long-standing emphasis on diversity, public service, and innovative programs, and a mid-city campus featuring a world-renowned Art Deco landmark, Southwestern Law School reflects the vibrancy of Los Angeles and provides an ideal setting for law study.

Faculty and administrators from the Drucker School visited Southwestern to meet with faculty and students.
Founded in 1911 as an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian institution, Southwestern is fully approved by the ABA and is a member of the AALS. It is the only law school to offer four J.D. courses of study that differ in scheduling and instructional approach, including traditional full- and part-time programs as well as a unique two-year alternative curriculum. Southwestern's 10,000 alumni include prominent public officials - from members of Congress to mayors, and over 200 judges - as well as founders of major law firms and general counsels of multinational corporations. The law school has strong ties to the legal, business, and civic sectors, and its Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute is closely linked to the entertainment industry in Hollywood and internationally.


"This new collaboration presents a splendid opportunity for Southwestern to expand our law students' academic credentials and career opportunities and to encourage promising Drucker management students to pursue a legal education at Southwestern," said Dean Bryant Garth of Southwestern. "In the future, our two institutions may also benefit from joint research activities, co-sponsorship of certification programs and symposia, sharing of course materials and curricula, and other cooperative efforts. We look forward to this exciting new partnership."


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