Bulletin (Catalog): Contents and Structure


The CGU Bulletin is structured as follows.

In the descriptions below, links are provided to the comparable website pages for your convenience.

Bulletin Home

The traditional first page of the paper publication contains our statement of nondiscrimination and a declaration of the institution's accreditation.


About CGU

  • CGU Mission and Credo - mission and vision of the University, including a commitment to diversity
  • Academic Programs - listing CGU degree and certificate programs (available from the individual pages of the schools and programs at CGU
  • University Policy - policies of the institution, generally overseen by the Dean of Students
  • Contacts - directory of campus officers; on the website, refer to the Administration page, the Student Affairs organization, and the Campus Contacts page
  • Officers of the Corporation - roster of CGU's governing officials and its Board of Trustees


Student Information

  • Services on Campus - CGU resources for students are available on the Campus Services page
  • Academic Calendar - fiscal calendar period covered by this particular issue; note that the Academic Calendar or calendar for academic purposes cover a different set of semesters
  • Admissions Procedures and Requirements - refer to the Admissions web pages
  • Expenses and Financial Aid - tuition and fees and othe financial concerns are overseen by Student Accounts;  available funding and other support are administered by Financial Aid
  • Registration and Degree Information (Academic Regulations) - registration, enrollment, and degree requirements are managed by the Registrar's Office


RECOMMENDATION Continuing students are encouraged to bookmark www.cgu.edu/registrar/, the registrar's webpage, and consult it often.  This website provides up-to-date news and headlines for students, a revolving calendar of deadlines and other reminders, and access to all of the information important and relevant for students enrolled at CGU.



Academic Programs

The schools and programs at CGU are listed on the home page of the CGU website.

Please note that course descriptions are not published in the CGU Bulletin.  For information about courses from previous years and semesters, contact the school or program direct.  Descriptions for some courses are available from the CGU Schedule of Classes



  • Faculty--core, emeriti, and adjunct--are listed in the CGU Bulletin.  Expanded lists may also be available on the websites of the various schools and programs.
  • Fellowship Funds are posted in this section of the CGU Bulletin.   Information is available from Financial Aid.


Archived Bulletins

Previous online versions of the CGU Bulletin are available from this section.  Please note that the first online issue was for 2007-2009.  The 2005-2007 Bulletin had been uploaded to the CGU website prior to implementation of the electronic Bulletin.



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