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Alana Olschwang, Director
Institutional Effectiveness and WASC Accreditation Liaison Officer
CGU • Harper Hall
150 East Tenth Street
Claremont, California 91711

WASC CPR Site Visit Team

Likely Questions by Topic

The WASC Site Visit team will engage you in a series of open ended questions designed to help the team better understand how CGU operates and the experience of the people who work and study here.  Additionally, the meetings provide an opportunity for the team to validate information included in the Institutional Proposal and the Capacity and Preparatory Report.  Finally, the questions asked by the team, and their responses, are designed to help CGU realize its potential.  The team has limited time to meet with many stakeholders across campus, and may not get to fully flush out each topic presented at a forum or meeting.  The discussions are designed to be 45 minutes each.  The site visitors are senior leaders and experts in their fields and will provide valuable recommendations for CGU moving forward both in their time on campus and in their written report.

Your responses should be candid and focus on your own experience.  This is the opportunity to comment on how well you believe CGU holds the capacity to achieve its mission as an institution.  Issues and concerns of a personal nature should be reported internally.  Think about how you would answer very general questions (i.e.: What is the best thing about CGU? What are 2 things you’d like to change?  Why would you recommend a friend apply to work or study at CGU?  Why not?)

CGU Leadership

How are current objectives for CGU aligned with the mission?

How are information resources and related support aligned with (1) educational objectives?  (2) student learning outcomes? (3) the needs of faculty and students? Are these resources sufficient?

How are the roles and responsibilities outlined in the organizational chart communicated within the CGU community?  Is the structure well understood within the institution?  Are policies followed? //Framed within realignment: Describe the plans to measure the impact of realignment on effectiveness and success indicators; on the campus climate.  How will you prioritize the many aspects of the realignment implementation?

Is CGU well managed? How do you know? Describe how CGU upholds sound and ethical practices.   

How do you use the trends found in data to make decisions?  How do you ensure the quality and integrity of data?  How do you use data to ensure the degrees offered remain rigorous and aligned with core purposes?

Have you established benchmarks based on comparable institutions performance?  How can you compete with these institutions?  How does the culture at CGU encourage innovation?

How does CGU leverage the resources of the CUC to best meet capacity needs?  How can CGU position itself within the CUC to work toward enhancing effective relationships and partnerships?  Describe the CUC system approach to assessing effective support for the 5C’s and two graduate institutions. 

Board of Trustee

How engaged are you in planning and evaluation for CGU?  How does CGU

Describe the system in place for CGU to communicate with you the capacity to achieve its goals, clarity of the reports received, and level of interaction you have with decision makers.

Describe how you engage in self-review and training to enhance your effectiveness.

Do you have a system in place to measure your effectiveness?

Budget and Planning

What are the top priorities for CGU in the next 3 years?

Is CGU operating within its operating revenues and budgets?  What are the trends?

Describe how you plan to address any feedback received from the annual independent financial audit conducted.

How can CGU best manage the budget planning in the current economy?

Is CGU financially stable now? For the future?

Student Learning Outcomes

Are student learning outcomes published at the course, school, and university levels?  Are these published in syllabi?  Are these mapped to courses?  Has their assessment plan been developed and implemented?

Have standards been established for these student learning outcomes?

Does the assessment plan include more than one method?  Do these include more than one evaluator’s perspective? What are the limitations of the outcomes measures selected? How are the limitations accounted for?  Do the assessment methods match the criteria articulated as critical for success in target career domains?

From whose perspectives are outcomes being assessed?

How do the outcomes of student learning inform institutional performance and improve teaching?


Transdisciplinary Studies

Does CGU have the capacity to administer the Transdisciplinary studies program as designed?  How is student learning affected and best assessed in a transdisciplinary environment?

How should CGU approach the next steps in transdisciplinary development?  What will be the role of transdisciplinary studies in the future?


Research That Matters

Does CGU have the capacity to support the current requests for research support from faculty and students?  What are the strengths of the current system?  How could the capacity be improved?

How does CGU support the current research institutes?  Do the institutes leverage the resources of the other institutes within CGU and the CUC?  Are procedures in place to assess the effectiveness of current research institutes?  Are procedures in place to assess feasibility of new institutes?

Describe the system used by the research institutes to assess the impact of involvement in the institutes on student learning outcomes and success.  Describe plans to enhance current means of graduate research support.


Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Describe the current system in place for measuring data about students (retention, completion, and achievement of success).  Are these data disaggregated?  How are these data used?  Do you have the capacity to complete the data collection, analysis, and reporting needed to address strategic data needs?  How are the data incorporated into institutional review and decision making?

What are the key performance indicators used to measure success at the course, program, school, and university levels?  Have goals and expectations been established?  How has triangulation been used in making meaning of assessment measures?  What data is made public? Where is this shared?

How is program review managed? How does the process help schools achieve greater levels of success and excellence?  Describe the assessment of student learning and evaluation of student success indicators that are included.

How do you ensure the quality and integrity of the data?  How do you manage requests for new data collection and analysis efforts?

Does CGU analyze the differences in success of diverse students and faculty?  How does CGU proactively work to create a campus climate that fosters and supports diversity in gender, race/ethnicity, heritage, thoughts, and beliefs?  Are diversity plans integrated into school and university functions?  How do diversity plans positioned to contribute to student success?


Institutional and Instructional Technology

How does the OIT support faculty, students, and staff in the use of technology for teaching and learning? What is the OIT role in online learning at CGU?

How will the Office of Information Technology (OIT) set priorities for capacity moving forward?

How does CGU ensure its members develop the critical information literacy skills needed to locate, evaluate, and responsibly use information?

What are the best practices for using information technology to maximize learning outcomes, facilitate faculty productivity, and improve college completion?  What is the "sweet spot" for institutional IT spending when balancing efficiency and outcomes?  Which IT environments are most conducive to innovation?  What are the minimum IT requirements for supporting innovation?




How do faculty members support your learning at CGU?  What types of formative feedback to you receive?

To what extent are programs designed to be completed in a timely manner?  How are programs and services configured to meet your needs as a student?  Describe how the capacity of the library, information services, co-curricular, and other service enhance your experience at CGU.  Why do some students require longer than 6 years for completion of doctoral studies?

How have the curriculum and the support services at CGU prepared you for your career?  Describe the nature of your relationship with your faculty advisors and mentors.  How have you, as a student, been engaged in governance at CGU?

Describe your graduate community.  Do you have a different sense of belonging to your school as compared to CGU?  Describe your experience with and involvement in campus life.


Describe the development and training offered to you by CGU (workshops, webinars, events, conferences).  How have these experiences enhanced your work as a faculty member?  Were they effective?  How does the culture at CGU encourage innovation?

How do the faculty evaluation, promotion and tenure processes address the scholarship of teaching and learning?  How is this type of scholarship valued and encouraged?  How effectively do the institution’s workload policies and practices balance appropriate expectations for faculty scholarship and creative activity, teaching assignments, and other uses of faculty time?

How does CGU ensure that adjunct, extended, and other faculty members are oriented, supported, and integrated appropriately into the academic life of the institution?

Do you have the resources and support to assess and improve student learning and success?  How do you modify courses and programs to reflect new knowledge and changing needs of society?

Describe the extent of your authority over academic programs and policies.  Is your role clear?  Do you have sufficient number and types of avenues for governance?  How does CGU support academic freedom?  How can CGU enhance the capacity for academic inquiry and engagement?

Describe your understanding of the program review process. (What is your level of involvement in this cycle?)


How does CGU support and continue to develop the staff in a way that encourages effectiveness and work toward achieving the CGU mission?

How does CGU define your role in decision making processes?  In what ways does CGU engage you in the processes of decision making?


Questions sourced from the following:

Deardorff, D. K. (2005). A matter of logic? Using a programs logic model, institutions of higher education can determine outcomes of internationalization efforts in a meaningful way. International Educator, May, 26-31.

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    *Table A: Preparing a Supplemental Report on 2008 Changes to the CFRs


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