The diploma is a ceremonial testimentary of a student's satisfactory completion of academic requirements for a degree from Claremont Graduate University (CGU).  Diplomas are provided to students after the candidate's eligibility has been rigorously reviewed and the degree has been posted to the student's official academic record--the transcript.

For purposes of verifying a degree from CGU, the official, academic transcript is proof positive and the primary evidence of a recipient's degree.  While transcripts require the prior written consent of the student for disclosure, the conferral of degrees is directory or public information per the University's Student Privacy/FERPA policy.  Third parties may verify degrees through the University's automated system as instructed at www.cgu.edu/verify.


Distribution of Diplomas

Diplomas are provided to students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of their degree programs at CGU and who meet all of the following provisions.

The Intent to Receive a Degree provides the Registrar's Office with information regarding the delivery of the diploma and allows the graduate to specify how the recipient's name should be printed on the diploma.  The format of the recipient's name is important for ensuring that the diploma remains a valuable showpiece for personal and professional purposes.

Candidates should refer to the Degree Completion Checklist for information and deadlines relevant to their graduation semester.


Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas are available to graduates whose original diplomas were lost, damaged, or destroyed.  Replacements may also be ordered when the graduate's name changes due to marriage, divorce, court order, or other official process. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ordering a replacement dipolma does not change the student's name in University records.  For purposes of historical authenticity and records integrity, official CGU records document the name under which the student attended the University.  This is important to remember when providing information to employers and other third parties who may wish to verify degrees using our automated services.


Procedure for Ordering a Replacement Diploma

1. Application.  Complete a Diploma Replacement Order Form.  As an alternative, you may send written correspondence to the Registrar's Office, including all of the relevant information requested by the form.

2. Attach Documentation.  If you are ordering the diploma in a new name, you must provide documentation as verification of your name change.  Acceptable documentation includes photocopies of any of the following types of documents.

  • Marriage license
  • Court order indicating approval of a name change
  • Driver's license, passport, or other government-issued picture ID in your new name

3. Send with Payment.  Mail or deliver your request to the Registrar's Office.  The address is printed on the form.  Be sure to include payment by cash or check for services requested.  Sorry, no credit card orders are accepted. 

$45 Diploma Replacement Fee.  Fee includes delivery by regular US Mail.
$25 Expedited delivery fee to a domestic US address.
$75 Expedited delivery fee to an international destination

Expedited delivery uses Federal Express or US Express/Priority Mail Services for delivery of your new diploma to the address you provide.  The delivery option is determined and selected by CGU Mail Services.

Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.



Contact the Registrar's Office at student.records@cgu.edu or (909) 621-8285.


Return to the registrar's web page.




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