A Higher Education/Industry Collaboration

Tech Clinic projects at CGU provide opportunities for public, private, and not-for-profit organizations to solve real-world challenges at the core of their mission, goals, and objectives. Sponsors appreciate a range of benefits.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Complete projects without investment in permanent assets
  • Expand management bandwidth
  • Receive project results including analysis, prototypes, reports, solved problems, research analysis, design, proposals, etc.
  • High visibility on campus, beneficial to recruiting efforts
  • Reduce "back burner" opportunity costs
  • Tap integrated business/education perspective
  • Support management with "best and brightest" grad students

Student Benefits

  • Complete a required course for graduation
  • Gain real-world experience solving real-world problems
  • Interact with people from industry
  • Opportunity for future employment

Sponsors enjoy being able to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Typically, the interdisciplinary team of students will work for several months with a Center for Information Systems and Technology faculty project advisor, and in collaboration with the sponsoring organization. The sponsor provides a project liaison who meets regularly with the students and provides the specific organizational and industry experience needed for the student team to succeed. All projects focus on serving the needs of the sponsoring organization - as well as our focus on student's receiving real world experiences in both technology and management.