Featured English Alumni

Karen Beth Strovas, Ph.D. in English, 2012


Karen Beth Strovas completed her doctorate in English at CGU in 2011. Her research interests include nineteenth-century British literature, women’s studies, film, film adaptation, Gothic and detective fiction, sleep and sleeplessness in film and literature, and medicine and science in literature. Her dissertation analyzes the medical and cultural implications of the sleep and sleeplessness of female characters in Victorian fiction from Jane Eyre to Dracula. She examines the Victorians’ understanding of illness, physical and sexual vulnerability, moral insanity, criminality, and anxiety to determine the ways in which these issues are linked to sleeping and waking states. Throughout the dissertation, she draws on perspectives of feminist literary criticism, cultural historicism, and medical insight of the twenty-first century.

As a doctoral student at CGU, Strovas received numerous grants, fellowships, and teaching and research assistantships, including the CGU Arts and Humanities Dissertation Award, Albert B. Friedman Grant for Transdisciplinary Studies, four Transdisciplinary Reading and Working Group grants, the Laura P. Fernandez Memorial Fellowship, the Fernandez Prize in English, and graduate travel awards from the Graduate Student Council. While pursuing her Ph.D., Strovas was an adjunct professor of literature, composition, and Honors Colloquium at Azusa Pacific University, a tutor at the Pitzer College Writing Center, and an associate editor and issue copyeditor of Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

As of fall 2012, Strovas will be teaching at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas as an assistant professor of British literature and composition.

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