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Steven Hulbert, Ph.D. in Philosophy & Cultural Studies

Photo of Steven Hulbert"After spending a number of years employed as a manager for a market research firm I decided to return to academia. I finished my BA in geography, with minors in philosophy and marketing (the latter a carryover from my previous career; the former the doorway to a new and exciting future), with an MA from CGU in 2007. My interests continue to be rather broad, and I feel fortunate to be doing my graduate work at CGU as it allows me to pursue a wider range of interests that might not be available elsewhere. CGU provides this opportunity through its emphasis on transdisciplinarity and its PhD Interfield degree program, which allows one to focus on two fields of study instead of the traditional single field approach. I am currently researching themes that I find in the intersection between Philosophy and Culture, with special emphasis on philosophical approaches to the fields of psychology and psychiatry – both historical and contemporary – and how these areas of study have been – and continue to be – informed by philosophy, and how they can be enriched by philosophy. It is my desire to contribute something of significance to these fields of study that will be meaningful not only from a theoretical perspective, but from a practical standpoint as well. In short, it is my hope that I will make a difference both to academia as well as to the individual in society. Looking forward, it is my wish that this approach will open up opportunities for me that might not be otherwise available."


CGU Connections

2005 – present – Library Director – Center for Process Studies

2006-2007 – Interim Admissions Coordinator – School of Arts & Humanities – CGU

2007 – present – Abstracts Editor for Process Studies

2006-2008 – Humanities Fellow representing Department of Philosophy – CGU - As Fellow provided support for annual Bradshaw Conference and Kingsley Tufts Poetry Competition

2006-2008 – Student Ambassador representing Department of Philosophy – CGU

2008-2009 – Co-leader of transdisciplinary reading group on Critical Thinking and Critical Theory

2008-2009 – Co-leader of transdisciplinary course proposal on Film and the Construction of the Self

Fall 2009 – Teaching Assistant for transdisciplinary course, “Film and Identity”


Undergraduate Senior Paper - “The Effect of Phenomenology on Geography with Special Emphasis on Sense of Place and Environmental Ethics” - published in Logos-Sophia Volume 13

Book Reviews – (1) December 2006 – Book Review of Philip Rose, On Whitehead, published in Chromatikon II: Yearbook of Philosophy in Process. (2) December 2008 – Book Review of Rosi Braidotti, Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming, published in Chromatikon IV: Yearbook of Philosophy in Process.

May 2008 - paper for Transdisciplinary Student Conference at CGU - "Tocqueville and Martineau: A Conversation on Women and Religion in America" - published in Alexis de Tocqueville and the Challenges of American Society, September 2008.


May 3, 2008 – paper for Transdisciplinary Student Conference, Claremont Graduate University, "Tocqueville and Martineau: A Conversation on Women and Religion in America"

March 2010 – paper for American Philosophy Conference in Charlotte, NC on “Hume and the Problem of Personal Identity: A Jamesian Process Solution”

April 2010 – respondent for CGU Graduate History Conference, “The Ruptures of War: A Conference on War, Culture, and Society”

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