Featured English Students

Rachel Tie, Ph.D. in English

Photo of Rachel Tie Rachel Tie is a fourth-year doctoral student in English with a dual focus on 20th-century American literature and American Studies. Her research looks at the intersection of science and religion in the literary imagination as well as how identity functions within narrative.

Rachel came to CGU with a B.A. in English and Religious Studies from the University of Arizona, where she earned the Lee Rombacht Scholarship for Religious Studies, served as a student leader in the English department, and was a preceptor for an upper-division literature course. At the U of A, she was also an intern for the Sonora Review, one of the country’s foremost literary journals. After college, she worked as an editorial assistant at Tikkun magazine, and came to CGU with the dual interest of pursuing a PhD and advancing her career in academic editing.

During her second year at CGU, Rachel founded the Zine, CGU’s student-run publication, and become a writer and editor for the Office of Communications. In this capacity, she continues to write and edit stories for the Flame, CGU’s alumni magazine, the CGU website, and is currently editor-in-chief of CGU’s in-house publication, the Pedant, which won a gold medal in the 2012 CASE Awards for “Best In-House Periodical.” In 2011, Rachel and several other students founded Foothill: a journal of poetry, the nation’s first and only journal that publishes poetry exclusively written by emerging graduate-student poets, where she continues to serve as an associate editor. In 2011, Rachel became the associate book review editor for Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, where she writes and manages book reviews, edits manuscript submissions, and keep abreast of new scholarship emerging in the field of Women’s Studies. She has also held several teaching positions, including teaching-assistantships at CGU and the Claremont Colleges, and as a writing tutor at Pitzer College.

The transdisciplinary focus of Rachel’s work has earned her a Transdisciplinary Working Group grant for “Postmodernism as a Transdisciplinary Study,” in 2010.

“What’s amazing about CGU is that if you have an idea, you are free to pursue it, and the professors encourage you to explore beyond the confines of your own discipline. CGU favors the entrepreneurial: if you can come up with a good idea or create an opportunity for yourself, chances are you will have support.”

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