Tech Clinic Projects


Dr. Net: Analyze requirements, design, and develop a prototype application for tracking graduate education research studies.

Advanced GIS Lab: Develop strategic plan for expanding GIS software education, training, and development in and across the Inland Empire, CA.

2010 - 2012

Hireabilities Hawaii: Analyze business needs and develop a prototype system to educate people with disabilities on the benefits of employment. (see report)

Daniels and Associates: Conduct requirements and gap analysis, and then design and develop a prototype application for Social Security Administration (SSA) case workers to better manage and track client interactions.

Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, U.S. Department of Transportation: Design and develop online geo-spatial solution for visualizing and analyzing traffic crashes across the U.S.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, University of Minnesota, U.S. Department of Transportation: Develop and pilot test CrashHelp, a mobile and web-based application for paramedics to send patient information to an emergency department ahead of arrival.

2007 - 2009

QTC Management: Analyze business justification and technical requirements for developing a specialized electronic health record (EHR) for people with disabilities.

Resource Systems Group, Inc.: Analyze health and transportation barriers to utilizing Veteran's Administration Medical Centers (VAMC) in rural areas of Vermont. Assess how electronic health records, personal health records, and telemedicine applications could help overcome barriers to making healthcare visits.

San Mateo County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency: Analyze existing EMS software data exchange across EMS Agency, ambulance transport, and fire departments. Architect systems integration soluctions. Develop data exchange requirements for multi-year, County wide EMS RFP.

2006 and earlier

QTC Management: Design and develop a geographic information system (GIS) software solution for locating and analyzing physician sites.

Brookstone: Analyze and develop a corporate wide e-commerce architecture for business-to-consumer product sales.

Trader Joes: Assess business needs and requirements for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce systems. Develop business justification, analyze requirements, develop alternative solution architectures, and make system development recommendations.

QTC Management: Conduct research and analysis of physicians' potential to accept and use electronic medical records (EMRs).

Continuum Partners, LLC: Analyze converged telecommunications infrastructure needs for Belmar - a multi-use community development in Denver, Colorado. Develop and then manage RFP process for selecting a primary telecommunications provider.

HeartMath: Design and develop a mobile application to monitor patient vital signs.