Areas of Concentration: Information Technology Management

Faculty Advisors

Tamir Bechor
Thomas Horan

The area of Information Technology is focused on understanding how companies can utilize information systems and technologies to gain competitive advantage. As the economy transitions from an industrial economy to an information-based economy, information technologies provide existing companies with new ways to compete, while also creating new entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Drucker MBA IT Management concentration is for students who are looking to careers in IT such as leading IT functions, managing IT consulting or development, or working in IT and technology-related start-ups. IT related careers continue to be one of the fastest growing fields and this concentration provides essential knowledge and skills to be successful in this domain.

The coursework in IT addresses the following:

  • Understand information technologies and their role in organizations
  • How managers can gain competitive advantage by using information technology to enable new strategies
  • How entrepreneurs can develop and manage innovative new IT approaches
  • How new IT-related applications can be managed, such as in the areas of mobile technology, health informatics and geographic information systems

In order to fulfill the IT Management concentration, students are required to take a minimum of 12 units of IT management related courses in either Management (MGT) or Information System Technology (IST). The IT concentration consists of:

  1. IT Fundamentals
  2. Advanced IT Management
  3. Specialized IT Topics


MIS Foundational Courses (choose 1)
MGT 303 | IST 306: Creating Value through Information Technology
MGT 314 | IST 305: Managing Technology in the 21st Century

Advanced IT Management  (choose 1)
IST 312: Global IT Management: Field Course
IST 316: Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Specialized IT Topics (choose 1)
IST 370: GIS Essential Concepts
IST 335: Cryptography & Computer Security
IST 336: Social Media & Technologies
HIM 350: Health Informatics
IST 380: Mobile Applications



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