Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship—the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.
—Peter F. Drucker

The first to identify knowledge as the driver of the modern economy, Peter Drucker envisioned a future business culture in which innovation is a necessity, learning is constant, organizations act collaboratively, and work is its own reward. Peter Drucker described knowledge, not capital, as the critical resource of the knowledge economy.

As a Drucker MBA student, you will gain a foundation in Peter Drucker's management principles through our foundational first year course - the Drucker Difference - focusing on the individual, organizational and societal issues raised by Peter Drucker and their implication for leading and managing in today's global economy.

As a Drucker student, you will experience the benefits of the Drucker Difference through:
  • Small class sizes
  • A cross-discipline orientation
  • A focus on socially responsible and ethical business practices
  • A dynamic set of core courses infused with Peter Drucker's timeless management philosophy
The Drucker MBA Program, with its core values and curriculum firmly rooted in Peter Drucker's enduring management principles, prepares you to become a leader in the creative economy through the cultivation and management of creativity, knowledge and information.



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