The Practice of Management

The Drucker School’s signature Practice of Management (POM) program develops the problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills employers demand and students need in order to stand out.

Using a proprietary approach that emphasizes the whole person, POM helps students learn, reflect on and apply core skills that develop the self, build professional credibility, and maximize success in a team and organizational setting.

POM has an applied orientation, balancing theory and practice. Led by the instructor and a dedicated team of personal and team coaches, the program uses a hands-on approach of “learning by doing,” guided by self, peer and instructor assessment.

During their first year, students learn techniques, methods and frameworks that they then immediately test out in a real-world setting, in simulations, role-play exercises, and complex projects.

During their second year, students have the option of joining a handpicked project team that includes faculty and a professional project manager, in order to advise a company or organization on a problem of critical strategic importance, in an immersive 15-week project.


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