The Practice of Management

Solving strategic challenges

Through the Practice of Management program, students work directly with leaders and executives on issues of strategic significance, using methods practiced at the world’s best professional-service firms.
In the process, they develop the following key skills:
  1. Ethics and Norms: how to act, and interact, responsibly and professionally
  2. Project Management: how to lead projects – and people
  3. Client Management: how to understand, and agree on, what the client is really looking for
  4. Research and Analysis: how to identify appropriate sources of information and build insights
  5. Delivery and Learning: how to develop powerful recommendations and thoughtful self, team and client assessments

Building real-world skills

Those skills are based on the teachings of Peter Drucker and ingrained in the school that bears his name:
  • The Drucker difference: Focusing on “Management as a Liberal Art,” Peter Drucker’s term for the interdisciplinary perspective needed to understand and address problems in an increasingly knowledge-intensive world
  • Ethics, values and professional norms: The professional expectations managers and leaders need to be aware of, and the skills they need to master, in order to excel in their roles and interactions at work
  • Communication and critical thinking skills: Higher-order thinking and complex problem-solving skills, combined with the ability to present and communicate them, effectively and persuasively
The Practice of Management program extends across the entire curriculum and focuses on transferable skills that are in demand in today’s complex and rapidly changing workplaces, helping create managers that Peter Drucker himself would be proud of.


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Professor Hovig Tchalian, Executive Director of the Institute for the Practice of Management (POM) speaks on the POM components
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