MGT 726 - Creating Effective Organizations

EMBA Core Course 


This course examines how managers can create more effective organizations. We focus on the following areas for improving organizational effectiveness:

  • Conflict, power and politics within an organization
  • Personal and professional networks within an organization
  • Alternative organizational structures, such as functional, divisional, geographic, matrix, and horizontal structures
  • Techniques for managing an organization's dependencies on its external (resource) environment
  • The role of innovation and organizational learning
Our perspective is based on past research on the study of organizations (Professor Richard Daft's textbook on Organizational Theory and Design) and Harvard Business School cases geared toward these practical organizational issues. By highlighting the organizational-level, this course complements both Organizational Behavior (MGT 515), focused on individuals and groups, and Strategy (MGT 550), focused on strategic positioning and resources/competences.
2014 Claremont Graduate University 1021 North Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 607-7811