2011 - 2012 SAH Dissertations

Spring 2012 | Fall 2011 | Summer 2011


Spring 2012

Suzanne Arakawa, English
Straddling Citizenship and Criminality: The Dissenting Japanese/American Body in US Literature and Film

Thomas Connelly, Cultural Studies
Accelerated Culture: Understanding Time and Space in Cinema, Television, and New Media in the Digital Age

Andrew Harrington, Cultural Studies
The Nationalist Pastime: How Television has Used Baseball to Reinforce US Nationalism and What Could be Done Differently

Isamu Horiushi, Cultural Studies
WWE Professional Wrestling as a contemporary Alternative Fighting Sport

Kevin Kane, Cultural Studies
Performing a New Kind of Community: Diversity, Creative Collaboration, and Social/Cultural Capital in a Summer Performing Arts Program for High School Students

John Macias, History
Of Spanish Myths and Mexican Realities: Racial and Social Development in San Gabriel, California, 1771-1971

Ana Thorne, Cultural Studies
Framing a Blaxicana Identity: A Cultural Ethnography of Family, Race, and Community in The Valley Homes Lincoln Heights, Ohio, 1955-1960

Scott Tinley, Cultural Studies
Seeing Stars: Emotional Trauma in Athletes' Retirement: Contexts, Intersections, and Explorations

Nick Yeh, Cultural Studies
How One Writes, Makes, Markets a Movie and how an Audience Reads the Movie: Two Biographical Films of Hitler as a Case Study

Fall 2011

Lina Geriguis, English
Cleopatra's American Afterlife: Adaptations of Her Myth from Colonial to Modern Times

Theresa Larkin, Cultural Studies
The Vismistic Triadic of Activism, Artivism, Performativism: Performing Artistic Praxis as Aesthetic Identity Within A Framework Of Radical Axiology And Meliorist Values In 21st Century Grassroots Performative Activism

Brian Plummer, History
"For Such a Time as This": The Intersection of Faith and Americanism in John Foster Dulles

Karen Strovas, English
Sleep and Sleeplessness in the Victorian Novel, Jane Eyre to Dracula

Summer 2011

Justina Buller, History
Invitation to the Blues: "The Education of Henry Adams" in Twentieth-Century American Culture

Dawn Dennis, History
The Mississippi Colonial Experience in Liberia, 1829-1860

Sandra Falero, Cultural Studies
Everyone's a Critic: 'Television Without Pity.com' and the Dynamics of Audience Agency

Timothy Geaghan, English
Robert Frost Before His Words

Alice Horn, History
Unifying Differences: Lesbian of Color Community Building in Los Angeles and New York, 1970s-1980s

Thomas Kageff, English
Towards a Transpacific Dialectic: Encounters with Maoism in American Literature of the Long Sixties

Yaeri Kim, Cultural Studies
Culture at the Intersection: (Re)Imagining the Global and the Local in South Korean Popular Culture

Heidi Motzkus, Cultural Studies
"The Limits of My Language": An Exploration of the Worldview of Linguistically Impaired and Non-Impaired Students

Jenell Navarro, Cultural Studies
Battling Imperialism: Revolutionary Hip Hop in the Americas

Chase Pielak, English
Remembering Animals in Romantic Literature: Memorializing Creatures in the Work of Charles Lamb, John Clare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordsworth

Edward Robinson, Cultural Studies
The Study of Freedom Practices in Early African American Literature

Ariel Silver, English
(H)Esther: The Typology of Female Transfiguration

Rosanne Welch, History
Married, with Screenplay: A Study of Married Screenwriting Teams and the Films They Wrote

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