Claremont Evaluation Center

CEC services and projects are administered under the leadership of Drs. Donaldson, Scriven, Azzam, and Berry.  They are supported in their work by expert faculty, and a team of staff and graduate students specifically trained in evaluation approaches and methodologies. Teams are typically comprised of expert faculty, alumni, and graduate students to provide the highest quality services possible to CEC clients.

CEC services and projects are administered under the leadership of:

Dr. Stewart I. Donaldson

Director of CEC

Dr. Michael Scriven

Director of CEC

Dr. Tarek Azzam

Associate Director of CEC

Dr. Tiffany Berry 
Associate Director of CEC

John LaVelle
CEC Staff





Experts On Site

Dale E. Berger

Quantitative Analysis

Michelle Bligh
Qualitative Methods

Heather Campbell
Policy Evaluation

William D. Crano
Quasi-Experimental Designs

Jacob Leos-Urbel
Youth Policy Evaluation

Jeanne Nakamura
Experience Sampling Methods

Allen Omoto
Grant Proposal Writing

Becky Reichard
Leadership Assessment

Maritza Salazar
Cross Cultural Methods

Jason Siegel
Survey Research



Experts that Consult and Teach in our Evaluation Programs


Katrina Bledsoe

Wanda Casillas

Huey T. Chen

Christina A. Christie

Ross Conner

David Fetterman

John Gargani

Rodney K. Hopson 

Ashaki Jackson

Johann Louw

Melvin Mark

Michael Quinn Patton






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