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The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Journal is a transdisciplinary, theory-practice, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal with a focus on the intersection of STEM and Art. The journal integrates perspectives from a variety of contexts and fields.

This journal is a culmination of ongoing work exploring whether there was a space in academia to represent the STEAM movement. This journal was created as a conduit for building new knowledge and paving the way for research, collaboration and discussion. It is our hope that this journal will amplify the rigor, effort, time and span of the transdisciplinary work being done in STEAM. This journal has received submissions from a wide spectrum both in a geographic sense and across disciplines. The principal objective is to create a fertile ground to cultivate further discussion about STEAM and related topics.


The STEAM Journal inaugural issue published on 3/13/13

Read Volume 1 Issue 1 'Luminare' here: 

The STEAM Journal is an open-access online journal and not printed, however readers may view and/or download and/or print each author/artist's work as a PDF file.


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Mission Statement

The STEAM Journal exists as a place to share knowledge from theory and practice while cultivating dialogue, research, and awareness about the intersections of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the Arts.


A Philosophy of Integrated perspectives

  • Transdisciplinary – The STEAM Journal firmly believes in a transdisciplinary approach that values the sharing of ideas across fields.
  • Global - Submissions are encouraged from across the globe to represent the international perspectives.
  • Theory & practice – A balance of knowledge from both theory and practice is maintained in the journal.
  • Social Justice – The STEAM Journal is committed to social justice by encompassing views and work that has positive impact on communities and environments.
  • Evolving – The team is dedicated to ongoing development and transformation.



As an artist and science educator Sara Kapadia a doctoral education student at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) has always been interested in the intersections of art and science. Having been involved in art-science work much of her life, Sara found that there was a need for a forum whereby academics and practitioners of STEAM could come together through a publication and decided to create The STEAM Journal. Sara was granted a Transdisciplinary Reading-Working group award from the Transdisciplinary Studies Department at CGU and invited with four other students to explore STEAM, Alfie Christiansen, Melanie Moore, Maria Paredes and Kenneth Walker (who are now graduates and alumni of CGU) over the summer and fall semester of 2011. Upon completion of two semesters of research the transdisciplinary journal on STEAM began to take shape. The STEAM team grew to include many more graduate students and leading faculty members across the disciplines. The STEAM Journal was launched and received two prestigious Hillcrest Award for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 from the Transdisciplinary Studies Department at CGU. A call for papers for the inaugural issue was sent out in and The STEAM Journal recieved over 150 national and global submissions. The peer review has been completed and the inaugural issue will be published shortly.


The STEAM Journal Group

The STEAM Journal Group is made up of graduate students, alumni and a board of advisors across disciplines as well as a balance of theorists and practitioners. Each individual brings a unique perspective based on their discipline(s) and experiences. Working as a cohesive body of transdisciplinary thinkiners, the STEAM team approaches the journal with integrated perspectives.

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Board of Advisors



The story behind the front cover

The STEAM Journal Inaugural Issue, Luminare, Vol.1 Iss.1 3/13/13

Nominated students from different disciplines at CGU took part in a collaborative experiment. This involved on going meetings, discussion and exploration about STEAM and the first image to be seen of the journal, the front cover. Members took part in a variety of ways: in person, via phone, via webcam. Working together, debating and negotiating a multitude of perspectives this team of students were able to find common themes and work on these. Some of the major themes that were discussed were: disciplinary bias, literal and vague representations, appropriation and translation of objects, gender and STEM, stereotypical portrayals of artists, community engagement through STEAM, communication and the blending of ideals. You can see the paper accompanying the cover art and the artwork itself. Here are some insights and the names of the front cover team members:

 “I had an idea of focusing on light, thus Maxwell's equations were a subject. I collaborated with Dominique who interpreted them artistically” Christopher Brownell, PhD student in Education, CGU

Aisha Najera Chesler, PhD student in Mathematics, CGU

Nancy Guarneros, PhD student in Education, CGU

Heather Maynard, PhD student in Community and Global Health, CGU

"Reflecting on being a part of the team to create the cover of the journal I have come to appreciate how diverse humans can be... and yet can work together... we can see seemingly opposite skills working in harmony...such as STEM and popular culture...whether it is a 3D printed dress worn by Dita Von Teese or pop star premiering his new song 'Reach for the stars' on Mars via the Curiosity rover!!!" Monika Moore, MBA alumnus, CGU

Christopher Munshaw-Rodriguez, MBA alumnus, CGU

Individual strengths + open to collaboration= variety, uniqueness and originality.”Dominique Ovalle, MFA student, CGU

For STEAM, I created a collage out of my college physics textbook along with quotes dealing with sight and light from my favorite works of literature. I was an English major dreading her science GEs, but once I took physics, I fell in love with its precise and exquisite scientific diction.”
Tara Prescott, PhD English alumnus, CGU

Meghana Rao, PhD student in Positive Organizational Psychology, CGU

Natalee Salcedo, MPH student in Public Health, CGU

“Working in a team on the cover of ‘The STEAM Journal’, I learned how individuals from different fields think about and foster creativity and collaboration.Jesse Standlea, MFA alumnus, CGU

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