The Master of Arts in Educational Evaluation offers in-depth scholarship in applied research, assessment, and evaluation methods applicable to educational contexts as well as related theoretical and practical training in PK–12 and higher education.

Offered jointly by the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation and the School of Educational Studies, this unique program teaches rigorous methodological, theoretical, and content training in educational evaluation. You’ll explore ways in which educational policies and systems work, developing systems for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation in educational settings and generating data-driven recommendations to address the pressing educational challenges. The result is a firm scientific foundation from which you can launch an impressive career applying the science of evaluation to issues related to education. You will be fully equipped for leadership positions in applied research, evaluation, assessment and measurement, program design and management, public policy, and related fields across the various sectors that serve the educational pipeline.

Program Highlights
  • Unique interdisciplinary programming prepares you to join a rapidly growing profession in which there are 50 worldwide professional evaluation associations.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work in faculty-led labs at the world-renowned Claremont Evaluation Center, gaining real-world experience in educational research and evaluation and increasing your marketability.
  • CGU’s Evaluators’ Institute is an internationally recognized and respected provider of high-quality evaluation instruction, which is delivered through a balanced curriculum and research that emphasizes practical relevance for practicing evaluators.
  • All evaluation students who request financial aid receive fellowships.
  • You can pursue a MA in Educational Evaluation in conjunction with another degree program, such as a PhD in Psychology. You earn a diploma for each degree and “double count” some units from one program to the other to decrease your required total units.

Program At a Glance

48 units

2 years

Fall | Spring

MA in Educational Evaluation

Featured Courses

EDUC 438
From Behaviorism to Postmodernism: Learning & Pedagogical Theories

Examines how philosophical, psychological, and sociopolitical assumptions have yielded a number of distinct pedagogies and learning theories in the 20th century that shape classrooms in schools and universities.

EDUC 461
The College Student Experience

Explores literature, theory, and research on the increasing diversity of college students, identity issues in college, factors that influence success, and implications for practice in college and universities.

EDUC 581
Education of Immigrant Youth

Studies the current status of immigrant students in elementary and secondary schools in the United States and the unique challenges they place on educators and school administrators.

EDUC 676
The Politics of Urban School Reform

Explores ways in which politics and reform agendas can benefit underserved school children and how educators seeking to better serve those children can successfully navigate the politics of educational environments.

EDUC 699
Educating Minority Students in Urban Schools: Policy and Practice

Explores challenges facing racial and ethnic minority students in U.S. schools—particularly urban and immigrant populations—and assesses current policies and practices to educate these students.

EDUC 665
What Works: Effective Schools & Classrooms

Examines research that has identified effective practices in schools and classrooms and explores the relationship of these practices to contemporary theories of schooling and pedagogy.

Faculty & Research

  • Allen M. Omoto profile image

    Allen M. Omoto

    Interim Dean, School of Educational Studies
    Professor of Education & Psychology

    Research Interests

    Social psychology; Volunteerism and prosocial action; Environmental concerns; Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; Civil engagement and civil society

  • Jacob Adams profile image

    Jacob Adams

    Interim President
    Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education policy, finance, governance

  • Deborah Faye Carter profile image

    Deborah Faye Carter

    Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Higher education, Race and gender in education, Mentoring

  • Carl Cohn profile image

    Carl Cohn

    Clinical Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Urban education, Education policy

  • David Drew profile image

    David Drew

    Professor of Education
    Joseph B. Platt Chair in the Management of Technology

    Research Interests

    STEM education, Statistical analyses, Model building

  • Philip Dreyer profile image

    Philip Dreyer

    Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology

    Research Interests

    Developmental Psychology, Literacy

  • Tom Luschei profile image

    Tom Luschei

    Associate Professor of Education
    Co-director, Urban Leadership PhD Program

    Research Interests

    International and comparative education; Economics of education; Teacher labor markets and teacher quality; Education policy in Latin America and the United States; Bilingual education policy and practice

  • Dina C. Maramba profile image

    Dina C. Maramba

    Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Research Interests

    Equity and diversity issues in higher education; Theory and practice in student affairs; College student development; Access and retention; First-generation college students; Immigrant experience

  • William Pérez profile image

    William Pérez

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Immigrant youth, Minority access to education, Ethnic identity and development, Academic achievement

  • Linda Perkins profile image

    Linda Perkins

    Associate University Professor
    Director, Applied Women’s Studies

    Research Interests

    Women and African-American higher education

  • Mary Simpson Poplin profile image

    Mary Simpson Poplin

    Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Effective teachers, K–12 Education

  • Deborah Deutsch Smith profile image

    Deborah Deutsch Smith

    Professor of Special Education
    Director of IRIS

    Research Interests

    Special education, Special education faculty, Disability policy, Learning disabilities, Cross-cultural and inclusive education

  • Lucrecia Santibañez profile image

    Lucrecia Santibañez

    Associate Professor of Teaching, Learning and Culture

    Research Interests

    Economics of education, English language learners, Teacher policy in developing countries, Teacher labor markets

  • Kyo Yamashiro profile image

    Kyo Yamashiro

    Associate Professor of Education
    Co-director, Urban Leadership Program

    Research Interests

    Education policy and politics, Measuring school and classroom climate, Accountability and school quality, Choice and charter school reforms, Research use for improvement, College readiness, Organizational leadership, Complexity science

  • Susan J. Paik profile image

    Susan J. Paik

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Educational productivity; Learning and achievement; Talent and leadership development; Urban and international studies; Underserved students; Family-school-community partnerships; Research methods and evaluation

  • Stewart I. Donaldson profile image

    Stewart I. Donaldson

    Executive Director, Claremont Evaluation Center
    Professor of Psychology and Community & Global Health

    Research Interests

    Positive organizational psychology, theory-driven evaluation, organizational and career development, health and well-being

  • Michael Scriven profile image

    Michael Scriven

    Distinguished Professor

    Research Interests

    Philosophy, Mathematics, Evaluation methodologies, Critical thinking, Technology studies, Computer studies

  • Tarek Azzam profile image

    Tarek Azzam

    Associate Professor of Evaluation and Applied Methods

    Research Interests

    Social research and methodologies, Policy and program evaluations, Data visualization and evaluation

  • Michelle Bligh profile image

    Michelle Bligh

    Interim Dean, School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation
    Professor of Organizational Behavior
    Director, Human Resource Management

    Research Interests

    Organizational culture, Leadership in corporate cultures, Charismatic leadership, Interpersonal trust, Political and executive leadership

  • William Crano profile image

    William Crano

    Oskamp Chair, Distinguished Professorship in Psychology

    Research Interests

    Social influence; Effects of persuasive information on drug addiction and HIV/AIDS; Minority and majority relationships to health information;
    Children and adolescent relationship to health information

  • Jason T. Siegel profile image

    Jason T. Siegel

    Associate Professor of Social Psychology

    Research Interests

    Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Persuasion, Motivation, Research Methodology

  • Eusebio Alvaro profile image

    Eusebio Alvaro

    Research Professor, Behavioral and Organizational Sciences

    Research Interests

    Social influence processes; Health promotion, disease prevention, and medicine; Minority relationship to health promotion; Mass media messages targeting health behavior change

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