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The Drucker School Management Essentials program is designed for Salesforce Administrators looking to develop as managers, acquire new knowledge and skills in management, and/or improve their ability to use Salesforce to drive organizational performance.

The program is offered as a Trail on the Trailhead learning platform. The Trail is made up of modules with content drawing from the MBA program at the Drucker School of Management.

Each module focuses on time-tested management principles anchored with real-world examples across industries. Each directly links these to the role of the Admin and shows how Salesforce solutions can help.


Module 1

Module 1—Business Performance Basics

In this module, we examine Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions designed to help organizations reflect deeply on the nature of their business and on the value they provide to customers. By developing clear, concise answers to these five questions, organizations can focus resources on what really matters to customers and, therefore, to the business.

Module 2

Module 2—Customer and Market Strategy

What does it mean to be a customer- and market-driven organization? What are the best practices, and what are the benefits? That is, how does one turn the desire to be customer- and market-driven into action? What are the tools and techniques for assessing and enhancing an organization’s customer- and market-driven culture? These are just some of the questions explored in this module.

Module 3

Module 3—Balanced Scorecard

We all know that a balanced diet is good for our bodies. The same is true for any organization. Executives need to be concerned with balancing several dynamics—customers, operations, human resources—and of course improving the bottom line. And as we know too well, all of these things are interrelated when it comes to achieving success. In this module we explore how developing metrics using a framework like the Balanced Scorecard can help drive performance across the organization.

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