We at Claremont Graduate University are enormously proud of the rich history and many contributions of our Philosophy Department over the years. However, due to several factors, including declining enrollments and an increasingly challenging market for graduate education in philosophy, in May 2018 the university’s board of trustees made the decision to close the department. This was done only after extensive consultation and study and as a result of multi-year processes that engaged faculty, administrators, and trustees.

Claremont Graduate University is a small, graduate-only institution that prides itself on being responsive and flexible in the rapidly-changing educational marketplace. We all share a sense of loss and regret whenever an academic program is discontinued, and this closure is especially difficult. Moving forward, everyone at CGU is firmly committed to supporting our continuing Philosophy students on a path toward successful completion of their degrees. We are grateful for all that the Philosophy community—students, faculty, and alumni alike—have added to CGU, and we wish each of them all the best in their ongoing endeavors.


Dissertations in Progress

Otis Coutsoumpos, Jr.
PhD Candidate

Dissertation Title

The God of Language and the Language of God: A Study in Dewi Z. Phillips’s Philosophical Portrayal of Prayer with Systematic Attention to Ludwig Wittgenstein


Graduate Students

Christian Van Dyke
PhD Student

Research Interests

Epistemology, Hermeneutics, Critical Theory, Pragmatism, Mormon Studies, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Donald Davidson