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2021 Futurity and Future Publics: A Quarter Century of Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University – “Cultural Studies for the Future”

The Cultural Studies Department at Claremont Graduate University is hosting a semester-long series of events to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Join us for our next Bradshaw Conference event “Cultural Studies for the Future.”

This panel showcases exciting new work in Digital and Public Humanities in the U.S., bridging historical and archival methods, geography and digital mapping, and community-based archiving and storytelling. The scholar/activists and projects featured here creatively reimagine and challenge the borders between public and private, research and activism, analog and digital methods. Speakers: Mishuana Goeman (UCLA), Jack Gieseking (University of Kentucky), and Justin D. Williams (South Side Home Movie Project, University of Chicago.)

Moderator: Marisa Hicks-Alcaraz (Cultural Studies doctoral student, CGU)

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