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Anna Yu Lee on Moral Psychology and Health Behaviors in English and Persian (Farsi)

The research that will be discussed in this presentation involves a multicultural examination of the psychological construct of ‘moral evaluation of patient behaviors’ (MEPB) as a driver of health professionals’ readiness to interact humanistically with their patients. In this research, ‘humanistic interactions’ refer to the non-technical, intangible skills and factors of clinical competence. In a series of studies conducted using survey data from 524 physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in California, urban France, and urban China, the following questions are collectively addressed: 1.) How can moral evaluations of patient behaviors validly be measured among health professionals? 2.) When health professionals view their patients’ behaviors as matters of moral relevance, how does this affect the way they treat their patients?

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Anna Yu Lee received a doctorate in Philosophy in Health Promotion Sciences with a concentration in Biostatistics from the School of Community & Global Health at Claremont Graduate University, a Masters of Arts in Psychology from the Graduate School of Education & Psychology at Pepperdine University, and a Bachelor’s degree in history from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at New York University.

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